Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Round and ready, arch and expand: gardening and life


shovel in




is a sweet chance
to see
if all the rolling
around on the floor,
and working in chairs
and this and that

can translate
to the "real" world
of action

like martial arts,
a chance to move our big muscles

unlike martial arts,
a way to feed ourselves
and connect to the Earth

and a series of photos
hinting at the rounding and breathing in
and loading to use power

then arching, pushing, extending
breathing out
using power

a hint of the usefulness
of doing both sides
in gardening

one sided lessons amazing on the floor,
but "out in the world"
we tend to get stuck in a pattern

I like 3 right handed digs
right foot in, hold shovel nearer
the end with right hand
and then three left foot left hand

dig left foot

19, rounding to get

ready left hand forward

throwing, left hand nearer

the change helps
me not "go to sleep"
as I enjoy
moving soil rather than
fighting to get it done

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