Wednesday, December 10, 2008

standing, head, eyes, self, Self

from a 108 chapter book
on how to be happier
in 4 levels:
moving and learning,
emotional learning

this a moving and learning chapter,
(all short)


Tapping the heels revisited at a higher level.

Stand, preferably outdoors, maybe even in mild sun coming toward your eyes.

Tap, tap on your heels at least thirty times. (This given earlier: rise on toes, easily drop back down on your heels.)
See if this is different than when you began all this learning.


Tap, tap now again at least another thirty, and do this: slowly move your head to the right and left (many taps to get to the right, many taps to get to the left), and as your head is slowly rotating, have your eyes, not fast, but much faster than your head, be going to the right and left.

Notice if you do what we all tend to do: jerk the eyes from one side to the other.

See if you can make their movement, though faster than the head, slow enough to be a smooth and continuous movement.


Try this again.


Try this again.

Rest. For “extra credit/ fun,” you might want to try:

Do this again, adding on slowly lifting the arms forward and a bit out to the sides with the use of your lower back, and lowering them.

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