Wednesday, March 18, 2009

flexible hearts

non grudge holder

a few weeks back
I did one of those things I
do every once in a while

which is to say,
I send out some communication,
this time an email,
this presents me in the "I am right" mode
which as always,
has the unfortunate, "you are wrong" mode
tagging along

I made a mistake.
I realized it.

I felt bad.
I apologized.

And the other side didn't
for anything but

that's their business.

Wasn't so terrible what I
just a bit insensitive,
and now they want to hang

that's their life.

If I go into "I'm right, they're wrong"
they should forgive,
I'm right back where I started.

But, one thing,
that I've come to realize,
is that any areas in my life,
where I'm holding onto a grudge
or a demand
that the other person
'shape up'/ change/ see things my way
and so on
is a place of
mental and emotional inflexibility
that I have to/ get to work on.

And, as in our bodies, so
in our minds and hearts,
when we go past (when I go past)
the inflexible to the flexible....
it/ I feel so much better.


Making the inflexible flexible
Making the flexible varied
Making the varied delightful

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