Thursday, August 12, 2010

head down to rise up from the floor... really? who knows: try it and find out

 (This picture is something that would be good to eat. It may or may not-- probably not, knowing me-- have anything to do with the below, but pics of doing the thing would take all the fun out, wouldn't they?)

What if we had this puzzle:
how to most easily get up from the floor?

Okay, we like puzzles:
here we go
(After all Moshe our man said that the overcoming of difficulties is one of the great pleasure in life)
(( In The Potent Self a potent dense book well worth a bunch of reads or jump in and read a bit here a bit there reads))

Let's say the lesson could evolve like this:
stand and look down at the floor
what about hands on it, too

okay, that's not so bad

now play a little the usual ways, one hand up, one foot
now play advanced: lift one hand (which did ya pick), and then what foot matches
ah, that's kinda fun

now pick the nicest hand foot pair and think about, plan, imagine the butt down on the floor
figure a way or two
do 'em, breathe down there
see how far you have come

and wouldn't it be fun to try again?
so we need to get up to standing to go down again
might as well reverse whatever we did

somehow in the reversing and spiralling,
if that's what we like
a hanging head and a lifty butt might
be interesting
yeah, that's the ticket, the good old head butt, head pelvis combo
how do they twirl,
counterbalance each other and so on

hey, this could lead to something like sitting
cross legged and noticing which leg is in front
and put the opposite hand back
and then...
more discovering, it would seem
in the spiralling  head down butt up

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生、死、窮、達,不易其操。......................................... ........................