Wednesday, November 24, 2010

does this poem, from, tell tons about giving a good lesson?

yes. ( and there is more to a lesson than just learning from the I don't know
but it's a start.

and without upgrading action, too, it's not a real lesson)

Austin geology: Southwest Parkway

today's poem
in the usual place
we get stuck, mind, body, thinking, feeling:
this needs to be better
this shouldn't be like this
this arm shouldn't...
this relationship shouldn't...
this world shouldn't...

that place

a ripe place,
good poop crap shit
for the compost of:


the good old turn it around question
the good old wake up
to God = Reality = who rules the scene anyway?

as a friend says:
when i argue with God I
but only 100% of the time

and so
the way out of stuck
is always
"right around the corner"
but not "right" as in right vs wrong
that takes too long, too much suffering a lifetime
of agony

but the  right around
like nearby
right around the corner
from our stuckness
from our suffering is
the question:

Is it True?

Tis it true,
tis it true
tis it true,

Is this thought idea belief batch of blah blah in my head
is it reality
(sigh: once more)
the good old
blah, blah?

And the answer

Is "Nah," and we're free

or, "I don't know"
and we're in the world

well: you look feel sense notice

what's it for you,
the "I don't know" world?

when you are in the "I don't know" world
and you don't have the story you "should" know

what's it like?

the verbal answer to that can even
"I don't know"
what it's like to be in the "I don't know" world
which is consistent, if nothing

and it's more

a lot more

because without the words
and with the question:
What's it like to be in the "I don't know" world:

 what's your experience

what's your experience


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