Thursday, January 13, 2011

To "mess" around with awareness

Many people offer some sort of "authentic movement,"
ecstatic movement,
improvised movement,
creative movement,
and so on.

These are all grand and help us remember that we aren't meant to be
in our life,
that the bones aren't just for holding us up in chairs,
and then walking us to the car chair,
to get up and go to the office chair.

We like to move.
We golf or play tennis or make love or hike or bike.

And we writhe around in authentic movement,
and go through established poses and postures in
tai chi and yoga and chi gung
and so on.

And we can lie down or the floor,
or the grass
or a firm bed,
and systematically begin to move one leg,
or one arm,
to move our leg or arm in a way that engages our back and pelvis,
to create variations in our heads and eyes
and ribs.

We can create something like our own lessons.

And if we learn something,
even if we "can't put it in words,"
(or maybe especially if we can't put it in words),
it's a lesson.

So, give yourself some "mess around time,"
in bed in the morning before you get up,
sometime in the middle of the day
when we are so heavily programmed to be a in some frantic rush,
and at the end of the day,
when we get back into bed,
or are about to go there.

Shake off the day,
come back to being in our awareness
and awaring our two arms and two legs and spine,
and enjoy the delicious combinations you can create.

Create an inner dialogue.


Learn and be happy.


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