Thursday, April 05, 2012

Time is for beginners, breath is for finishers

In addition to writing mystical mumbo jumbo, and working with couples and teenage/parent pairs who want to double their communication and love happiness,
I work with special needs children,
using the miraculous Anat Baniel Method.
Anat's new book is out and can be read about at
Kids Beyond Limits.

You can hurry through reading this post,
because what's for real is imagined to be a little later,
after this now,
just a bit down the road
and if we clear away all the hurried items
we can chill

maybe even turn off the computer and

or at the very least look up and away
and see some sky or trees,

and if it's night,
where is the nature we could be using to nourish us
to slow
and remember the big news

the main thing:
we are alive now,
(we are alive now,
repeat, without words:

this is the miracle

we move our eyes over the words and our spine holds
up our head and the ribs are attached to the spine and they
rise and fall according to our breathing

and we could notice our breathing

right now

as a doorway to returning to the now,
following and noticing our breathing is
a recommended route for many years, millenia
as it where

Buddha said to back away from all the dreams
of the mind
and come back to reality

Jesus said to hitch your star to the giving away
of all the possessions,
as in "My idea...," "My country....,"My political important opinions..."

Give them up, and what is left?

The breath is left if we are still alive.
And some part of us can watch the breath if we are aware.

And some part of us can giggle at the enormity of it:
us, the living thing, being, spirit, whatever we are,
(that we don't have to verbalize if we take Buddha's vacation
from concepts),
we are alive and have awareness of being alive.

And does that take much time to do?

more like taking a little time away from time,
consulting our inner happiness and asking it:
hey, what's up with this happiness and being alive

And it will answer:

Therefore: stopwatch, watch the time, watch the phone's which are the new watches:
be on time, time yourself, hurry up, get too much done, all
that is for beginners.

And a nice game to be able to play
when YOU choose to play it.

And then there is the real game:
the I am alive,
Right Now,

That's a pretty good one, too,
not to be talked about,
and even written about too much,

just to be lived,
en joyed
and the gratitude,

how can that not be the flooding
out feeling underneath it all

the gift we have been given:
I am alive,
you, too


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