Thursday, August 01, 2013

the importance of love

sex is good>
love is good

people worry about OM sometimes:
what about the love?

and then you look around at most marriages,
most relationships:

hand holding

when it's going well,
feels good,
things are going well in the world,
and it feels like love

notice that good sex in a relationship
seems one of the main fuels that have the "love" feeling going

and yet,
looking around: people are in their marriage,
or in their relationship,
they are doing okay,
sometimes up
sometimes down
and it's a mixed bag,
to say the least

the glue without the sex, is really this:
they don't have to worry about being alone

which doesn't really point to OM,
but it could
maybe even should:

OM is a way to fill up on
OM is a way to not be alone
and not have to tie the blessed relationship knot,
which many
are afraid to tie

many would rather be alone
for vast periods,
waiting around for their "soul" mate
or at least "the one"

and if "the one" doesn't think
they are the special "one"
it won't work

so there's a lot of sifting,
a lot of waiting
a lot of feeling bad
and alone

now this has a couple of solutions:

one: learn to feel good alone,
which means,
to meditate

and two:
learn to OM,
which means,
to learn how to meditate with another,
with sex up and flowing

so when you're single
meditate and

and when you have a partner,
meditate and

and what's love got to do with it?

you find yourself in love
we find ourselves in love,

it's when we can be exactly who we are
and this is fine
or great
or fun
or charming

with the other person

there's more to it:
love is a pretty big


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