Wednesday, October 30, 2013

when other people lash out at you

when other people lash out at you
it usually isn't as if they got up that day,
and thought:
wow, today is a great day to lash out
so and so

if you are partners, they may be festering old wounds,
and the slightest provocation sets them off

or, they might have lifelong issues
and you do something that triggers that

or, they might have a shitty habit of
lashing out
whenever they don't get their way

but basically:
they are just blind, trapped robots,
doing what their programming makes it
inescapable that they do

the solution:

what's bothering them

that's all

feel your hurt
feel your pain
be the victim for two or three minutes,
put your attention out:

what's going on with them?

can you ( or I) listen into them

and discover:

what is their real pain

and wonder,
again curious without the usual fix-it kit,

how could they
free of it
a little
free of it
a lot
free of it

if you do,
two people gain:

because they'll probably lash out
or none

and them,
because they don't have to be a slave to
that pattern of
avoiding their pain any longer

pretty good,


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