Friday, February 20, 2015

Cheating Unhappiness 1---- Shift Happens, if you do

Let's say you are unhappy.
It happens to us all.

The way out is to shift.

Left to right.
Shift to the left foot or the left side of your pelvis
and then
Shift to the right foot, or right side of your pelvis.

When you shift to the left, really get "into" all the words.
Unhappiness is always a big stack of complaining words in our head.
Shift left, and let them rip (inside yourself)
Admit you are dying for someone to listen to your complaint at agree with it.

Mainly though, shift left and indulge in all the thinking behind your unhappiness....

Now shift to the right.

Not the usual affirmations.
Not "letting it go," except when you are in your senses, you aren't in your words, so it gets let go of itself.

Sense your legs, your feet, your toes.
sense your fingers and hands and arms.
Your spine, ribs, neck, head.

Your breathing.


Look at the world with your eyes.
Listen with your ears.
Smell with your nose.
Touch with your fingers.
Feel the clothes against your body.

Now compare the two:

Go back to the left and start up all the inner yammer and see your unhappiness come scampering back.

Shift to the right and sense the world, sense your body, perceive the world as here and now information--- no words of comment about what you sense. JusT;

Go back and forth as many times as you'd like.

(This might have something to do with the left and right sides of the brain, and it has something to with something in "the energy" where we write the troubled version the left side of the page and the freedom version on the right. But the movement is what counts.)
Shift the weight, shift your attention.

Shift happens, and if you guide it, make you can start to set yourself free.

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