Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Awareness waits not

Life is here. Now.
We can have ideas about it, words in our head about it, complaints, demands, programs.
And wherever we are, the now is the place in which we are experiencing life.

How do we know we are experiencing life?
We are aware.

Of this, or that.
Or not aware, and the awareness of our toes or what is in front of our face, or what we are hearing is missing.
But we are aware of something.

It's almost silly to write about, except that it's such a relief to come home to a simple dwelling in being aware.

The experience we are having doesn't have to be thought about, doesn't have to be judged, doesn't have to be compared.

That's all the work of the word part, the thinking brain, which is what is putting down these words, but can these words remind you that there is a place, right now, always right now, that is aware.

Just aware.
And of course, attention can shift all around and the awareness flows out with the attention, and awareness is simply here.

Our breathing.
It's in. It's out. It's pausing.

On our feet, our pelvis, our backs or bellies or sides if we lie down.

The earth is around us, air we breathe, gravity that keeps us from floating away.

Light usually.
Sound almost always.

Lots of food for the pure experience of now.

And then, the mind tells us, often, we've got to "get things" done.

That may be true.
Might not.

And how much easier this doing is, if in the flow of awareness.

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