Friday, June 19, 2015

Touch in the Now, wow, no hurry, no worry, just "feel"

The book is once again, Love, Lust and Enlightenment
and it still wants you to have a marvelous relationship
a body brain teamwork that helps you feel younger and smarter and happy
each and every day.

Here's a chapter, day six.
It's going to be thirty day's worth of couple delight and anti-aging fun.

Day Six: Touch in the Now 

Life is now.
We know (as experience) that we are alive,  moment by moment—call that awake.
We are lost in our hurry or our inner chatter, and missing our experience in the moment --- call that asleep.
Someday we will die, and all these moments of having a chance to sense and know and feel ourselves as bodies and beings on this marvelous messy bright beautiful mysterious blue sky green lead infinite laughter flower and bird song planet Earth will be over.
Dead , finished, over.

One of the surest ways to know we are alive, and to be present is to follow our breathing.
Now. Try it. Notice your breathing and what does that do for you? Notice that difference. (Who notices that?)

Another constant of life on earth, is gravity. What do you feel now about your bottom pressing into the chair, or your feet into the floor?
What does noticing you are a real live body, in breathing and in gravity, what does that do for you?
(Who notices that?)

Always there. Always an immediate way to “wake up” to now.


And from here, let’s touch today.
Try two turns of three minutes each of touching the other’s foot.
Go slowly.
And In the first turn, do what you did in prior touches. Take turns verbalizing what you are feeling as the toucher, and as the touchee.
So, go three minutes each each way with that.

Second turn:
Each time you verbalize what you are noticing, start with three verbalizations
One: about your breathing
Two: about what you notice about the other person’s breathing
Three: what you notice about your connection to gravity.
And then four and five:
What you notice either in your touching, or in being touched.

Take turns sharing these five statements.

Realize what a relief this can be, not to have to think. To simply be reporting on breath and gravity and touch.

Go back and forth this way several times.

At the end share for a couple of minutes, what it was like to be touched and to touch in the two different ways.

Even now, even in this sharing, you might want to walk of now as gravity, or now as breath, and then go back to sharing about your responses and inspirations and realizations in this “game.”

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