Friday, August 19, 2016

Become More Amazing

Hey, hi!

Try this: smile, take a deep breath and write down on thing amazing about you.

Look at that.

How does that make you feel?


Now, swap the pen or pencil over to the other hand, and write two things you love about life.

Go on, right now, write now.

Look at all three things you've written.

Breathe deeply again and keep smiling.
Swap the pen or pencil back to the habitual hand and write three things you are grateful for.

Now stand up and put your arms up in the air and jump up and down a little bit and wiggle a little bit and make some fun sounds.

Okay. This is the real you.
Full of love and fun and knowing your are amazing.

Then, there's the other parts of us.
Pretty good and wanting to be great.
Fair and wanting to be great.
Crappy and wanting to be great.

And, you've got six things down proving there's a higher and more wise and happy part of yourself.

That's what co-active coaching is about. Look it up at

It's the most widely used coaches training in the world, and weird in times when most popular usually means degraded, it's very much the cutting edge.

Because it focus on the client/ coachee.

The coaches job is to ask and listen and bring love and appreciation and intuition to helping the coachee get wonderful results in all aspects of life.

The Being aspects: inner peace, love, content, wisdom, fun, ease.

The Doing aspects: making the money, finding the true love, building your health.

This is for people who want FULFILLMENT.

Enough said.
It's taken forever to get back to blogging, and I'm committing to posting something at least once a week.

As the lead page says, text for a 30 minute sample Co-Active Coaching session if you'd like.

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