Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Naked Make-Out

Week Two, Day Four: LUST
Concept # 11. We are mammals. Let’s get naked and touch.

We like to be naked.
We like our naked bodies to touch another naked body.
If you are too fat to enjoy this: eat raw for two months and lose weight easily. Eat raw fish and raw egg yolks from pasture raised eggs. That will be another book, and getting younger and healthier and lighter is easy.
If your partner is no fun to touch, touch them anyway.
You are married.
You are in relationship.

No naked = no lust.
You bought a book with Lust in the title.
You want more sex.
You want better sex.
You want great sex.
>>>>>> Get naked.

Three ways:
Lust Game #5: Sleep Together Naked.
Just do it.
One sleeps cold.
One sleeps hot.
So what.
Take off your clothes, both of you. The hot one keep the cold one warm.
It always works.
One of you has a body that realizes that it’s a 98.6 degree hot water bottle.
Make the other happy.
If you are both cold, hug tighter and put on an extra blanket.
Sill cold:
Hug even tighter and put on still another blanket.
And so on…..

Sooner or later, you WILL enjoy the right naked hug and the blankets will probably be too hot, and God only knows what other shenanigans you might get up to.
And you don’t have to have sex.
In fact, try not to.
But be naked.
And…. touch something all night. Even just your pinkies.
You don’t know what spooning is?
Yes you do.

Okay. That’s the game, except it’s a life game, like gratitude journals, for the rest of your life.
Throw away your pajamas. No socks to bed. Do jumping jacks if need be, and keep hugging and adding the blankets.

That was fun.

Now, we continue with the onerous assignments:

Lust Game #6: Ten Minute Naked Make-out

Take your clothes off first.
Decide if you need covers for warmth.
Bring the timer nearby.
Click the timer.
Start to make-out.
No rush.
No sex.
Until after the ten minutes.
And…. if you don’t have sex, that’s just fine.
And… keep making out.
For ten minutes.

Try this once a day for a couple of weeks.
See what happens.

Lust Game #7: Ten Minute Naked Make-out plus “Now I am aware…”

Set the timer.
Be naked.
Start making out.
And take turns saying two to five things you are aware of as this goes on.
“Now I am aware of touching the back of your neck.”
“Now I am aware of where our thighs are rubbing each other.”
“Now I am aware of your hand touching my…..”

Why do this?
Find out.
Sex is not an escape.
It’s a deepening.

This will be immense for your WHOLE life, not just your life in bed.

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