Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Sex Every Day. Really? Yes.

Week Four, Day Four: LUST
Suck his Penis - MINDFULLY
Stroke her Clitoris — MINDFULLY
Go into Now
Go into Nature
Expand love
Expand life
Be grateful: write them down. Speak them.
Talk in turns.
Seven actions for everyday

If you’ve got this far, here’s seven things you need to do every day:

1. Hug with awareness
2. Talk in turns about gratitude and what you love and what you aware of in the present
3. Every other day:
Have either a FOAM (Female Orgasm Awareness Meditation), ten minutes or so,  one way sexual meditation.
Or, a Mindful Penis Sucking (MPS, again ten minutes or so) one way sexual meditation.
Both NOT about the goal of climax. 
Both NOT about any goals other than awareness, presence, giving/ receiving and pleasure in the moment.
4. Write gratitudes in a journal and write goals in a journal
5. Do some form of “energy exercises” or mindful movement, together, in the present, both in the morning and before bed
6. Do some form of deep breathing/ meditation together every day. Or a mindful walk in Nature. Some form of non-verbal, going to connection with the person who is you when you are BEING and not DOING. Human beings, right, vs human doings?
7. Set out to be present, happy, and loving all day, no matter what comes your way.

That’s a lot.
Oh, well.
If you want a fabulous relationship, it’s going to require going against the grain of being housemates, or warring partners, or pent up disgust waiting for a divorce down the road.

If you want to wake up, you have to wake up.
Sex every day, in one of the non-reciprocal ways is a big part of an awakened partnership and marriage.
And it’s a one seventh part.

Without wakefulness the greatest sex will grow weird and greedy and will end up in one of these awful non-monogamy communities. I know people here and there get a big buzz out of these, and basically: they are unhappy, and filling the time with emotional therapy instead of really living life.

Without goals and gratitudes, you are basically drifting through life, which is what the world wants (as a drifter, you are easy prey for whatever they want to sell you, either material goods, or war, or some sort of massive distraction like Facebook)

Energy exercises are so obvious.
Movement with awareness is.
We are in a body.
Without connection down to our toes and out to our fingers, we aren’t really fully human.

Breathing/ meditation is even less obvious.
Being in Nature is not.
If you have children, you have probably experienced how they shift instantly when they are in nature.
If you have you, you have probably experienced how you shift instantly when you are in nature.
Meditation is sitting, doing nothing, except doing a lot with your attention. On your breathing. On being alive. On awareness. On sending a visualization of light to various areas (lungs, feet, liver, heart, ribs, brain) that you wouldn’t mind feeling and functioning better.
It’s like a self-love game.
Try it.

And so, this chapter is supposed to be about penis sucking.
Some would recommend a couple of months of the FOAM first. 
For couples who have zero or little sex, the guy needs to be brought into the strange and wonderful world of JUST RECEIVING.
So, we’ll start this today, in week four.
Make it every other day with letting her be in the world of JUST RECEIVING.

Lust Game # 13: Be awake and aware during non-reciprocal sex
Have non-reciprocal sex every day
One day, ALL FOR HER
One day, ALL FOR HIM
(Not that hard to modify for gay couples)
Don’t aim for climax
Be present
Feel the connection

Alternate which form of non-reciprocal sex every other day.
This is fair.
This is fun.
This is feisty.
This wakes up connection in a way that cannot be explained on the page.
You have to experience this.
Please do.

Summary of Week Four, Day Six: LUST
Lust for life.
Meditate/ go to nature
Gratitudes in a journal and in your speaking
Have non-reciprocal sex every day
Do the other from the list of seven. Every day is a miracle.
You are a miracle.
All seven help you wake up to the miracle of you as a miracle. 

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