Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sex every day + spirituality + mindfulness + connection = heaven

Sex every day is good.

Except, I was assuming that everyone who had sex every day, like Carol and I do, would have the delicious spiritual and friendship connection that Carol and I have.

And, duh, I've realized that this is not true.

Deeply hot sex, good in the short run to really jazz up your life, if not combined with a commitment to being present and a delight in nourishing the other.

And a patience for letting the other have their delight.

And a thrill with NOT going to climax.

Life is thrilling and sex is part of that thrill.

But, without mindfulness, life is wasted.


In work, if you aren't mindful, you may get things done, even done well, but there is no YOU there.

In play, if you aren't mindful, you may have deep satisfaction and enjoyment, and if things don't "go your way," you will have a meltdown.

Play with mindfulness, means that you feel at the middle of your actions the MOST IMPORTANT THING: which is?

You are alive.

Right now.

That's what play does: help you realize that you, right now, are alive, and that right now, LIFE is flooding through you, and this is good.

And sex, if awake, if present, then this is another play that helps not only nourish the excitement of being alive.


And the thrill of being present to this very moment, its pleasure, its taste of love, its giving, its receiving.

It's a lot of everything.

And it's now.

And to be aware of the now as you are in the now: this is the way life is lived when you are AWAKE and aware and in the moment.

So: what's the deal.

Slow down in sex.

Don't go for the climax.

Spend time in non-repicrocal sex, where you are giving and present and the thrill of being present and giving is your delight.


Slow down.


No hurry.

Lots of love.

This is a chance, daily, nightly to become closer to being the real you.

And what is the real you?

Keep asking this: this is one of life's great questions: who are you, really?

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