Thursday, July 18, 2019

What if Enlightenment were a lot more simple?

Loving Wha Is
Enlightenment is Now

There is no hurry to “be” enlightened because enlightened is just a word. Who wants to “be” a word?
And what is enlightenment is awaking to an ongoing love of Reality an ongoing love of What Is.
Blah, blah, blah.

Let’s make it simple

Enlightenment Game #2:
Start a series of sentences with “NOW I AM AWARE . . .”
and then after the . . . add the phrase, ‘AND I LOVE . . .”

If you are aware of a sore back, this might be a bit of a stretch.
So cheat a little. (“Cheat” in the right understanding can be using your noggin to be smart and creative about something instead of the way other people’s rules, or your rules say it “should” be done.)

Enlightenment Game #3:
Look around you in the present moment.
Listen around you in the present moment.
Sense and notice touch, in inner proprioception in the moment.
Search for things you like or love.
Then do the earlier game:
“I AM AWARE OF . . . AND I LIKE/ LOVE . . .”

Go slowly.
Keep finding in the present moment something you like/ love and combine awareness with liking and loving.
“Now I am aware . . .”
“And I like/ love . . .”

What does this do for you?
Can you feel a kind of lift off?

Remember: keep cheering. Scan for the simple joys and pleasures of life.
“Now I am aware of my toes. And I love my toes.”
“Now I am aware of my fingers. And I love my fingers.”
“Now I am aware of smiling. And I love smiling.”
“Now I am aware of the blue sky. And I love the blue sky.”
“Now I am aware of breathing and being alive. And I love breathing and being alive.

Enjoy your day.

One enlightened moment of loving what is after another.

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