Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Big Picture, Pain and Beyond, with the Video Bigger Right Below

This video is short and sweet and smart.

It shows clearly how the Feldenkrais Method is a system of learning to connect the mind/brain and body back to being what they always were and forgot: one system. The way out of pain is not to shove through, nor is it to manipulate from the outside. Nor is it even to manipulate from the inside with some well meaning set of physical therapy “exercises.” Nor is it, and this will get me in trouble at home, to use “yoga therapy” to get “correct alignment.”

The Way Out is the Way In.

To go inside, go slow, and reconnect, to awareness, and to the way we function when we move as a unity, and the way we move when we learn what is the next stage in our possibilities, this is the way of the Feldenkrais Method.

The Way Out is to discover our habit and to discover at least two alternatives to our habit..

If we always do things the same way we always did, we’ll always get the same results. If we have an organization that is bringing us pain, and we do it a Little Harder, we’ll get pain. If we get a new hip and keep moving the ways that wrecked the old hip, we’ll sooner or later wreck the new one. If we move in ways that tighten and ache our back, and go get stronger in the gym, we’ll just be able to be stronger as we continue to tighten and ache ourselves.

Only when we begin to play with and explore alternatives to our habitual ways of hurting and paining and frustrating ourselves will we come to real improvement, that can lead to whole other ranges of activities.

This is to say that the goal of Feldenkrais isn’t just to undo the pain, make it go away. It’s to lure us into reorganizing and getting into the learning mode, so that we can not only move with more ease, but can do and explore and learn things we’ve been putting off for years and years. More good stuff on this, care of Anat Baniel: Anat on Pain Relief.

Where the goal of yoga often seems to get better at yoga, the goal of real Feldenkrais is to get better at life, all of life, not just the life of dancing and walking and moving, but ALL of life.

The Way of WakeUp Feldenkrais is the way of Awareness

It’s the way of the Feldenkrais Method, too, but I’m putting the main emphasis there, because with real awareness, we can begin to really sparkle and transform and glow in our lives.

The pain, in this paradigm, is a lure, just as wanting and wishing to be an even better golfer or tennis player or musician (even if you are already the best in the world) is a lure, a lure into the miracle of coming to the present and being at one with our discoveries and excitements in the moment.

Slowing down and wanting less for the change
because we are so enthralled with the present,
this backing off from the goal, backing back to Now,
enables us to change faster.

Weird but true.

Okay: here’s the big show:
down below.
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Oh, well.
Learning is baby step at a time, often.


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