Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thurs, Oct 5: Awareness, 2: The Morning Gurdjieff Meditation

Sit on a chair or the edge of your bed with your back relatively straight. Close your eyes.

Start sensing your right toes, completely, inside and out, all the bones, muscles, fluid, skin, anything you can sense..

Continue that sensing and add on sensing the rest of the right foot, from toes to ankle, with your attention moving as if in cross section up your foot. Begin to move this way, sensing up your right leg.

Sense the entire right leg, eventually, adding on bit by bit and keep all of this in awareness.

Keeping the right leg in sensory awareness, go to the fingertips of your right hand, and slowly sense your way up to the right shoulder, again, as if in cross section and including all the bones and muscles and fluids and flesh and nerves and pains and delights, include it all and fill in the right arm.

Sense completely your right arm and your right leg.

Keeping these in awareness, start sensing at your left shoulder and slowly and deliciously work your way down to the fingertips of your left hand.

Sense the right leg, right arm and left arm all together.

Keeping these is awareness, begin to sense at your left hip and sense aware and attention your way down to your left toes.

As long as you want hang out with sensing all four limbs as completely as possible.

Then, keeping this inner sensation, add on awareness of sounds coming in your ears. Have a split attention, to the inside of the four limbs, and to the outside sounds coming in.

Then, keeping all this, open your eyes and add on attention to and awareness of reflected light coming into your eyes.

Stand up, go about your day and keep the four limbs in sensory awareness as well as an awareness of sound and light.

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