Friday, May 18, 2007

Learning, Play and Love

Okay, here's the thing:

I'm interesting in giving people a chance to tap back into the way they learned when they were very young, when they transformed themselves from blobs into crawling, walking, sitting up, rolling over, talking beings.

This didn't come about by getting in balance.

This didn't come about by "relaxing."

This didn't come about by "going with the flow," unless the flow is a flow of life, a flow of playing around, a flow of messing around, a flow of discovery.

The flow of life: to learn, to create new and more complex and interesting and fun possibilities.

When I talk to a new client, or an ongoing one, I always ask: What's good in your life? What do you want to improve in terms of physical moving and functioning? What do you want to improve in terms of your whole life?

Because once you can make small and clear and amazing chances, you start to realize that the sky's the limit, that all sorts of changes, and even miracles can take place.

This work is about playing and learning and love. Those are what distinguish this from yoga, which does help strengthen and occasionally points toward love, and sometimes even involves play, but the emphasis, over and over and over is The Right Way to do something. There probably is a Right Way to crawl, but a child never learns this by having someone show it: here do it this way, it's the Right Way. The child discovers. The child uncovers, uncovers how its own muscles and brain and skeleton can skedaddle across the floor most easily in crawling.

The learning is by sensing and discovery. That's real learning.

And if this way is about Play and Learning and Love, what are the means?

Going slow, deepening awareness, honing to pleasure.

Slow, awareness, Pleasure, and add variation, which is what keeps it from getting boring, and keeps the learning alive.

Doing something slow enough to be able to try out new and unique and different paths of actions.

Being aware, so it's not just mindless movements. Brain research has confirmed: Movement + attention grows cells in the brain. Movement without attention has no affect.

Pleasure means the life is rewarding you for being here, for being now, for doing this in a way that feels good. That's why we were given pleasure, not to go on hedonistic binges (though those are useful once in awhile), but to bring our awareness to when we are living in a way that is clear and true to our real natures.

Variation keeps the awareness interested, keeps the pleasure in the momement, keeps us learning instead of grinding away at something we already know.

This is about Life, which is why it's about Love: it's about loving life enough to learn to be more fully and joyfully skilled and involved in living our lives.

Play, learning and love via slow, aware and pleasurable. Yes .


Sensitive Strength


Waking up to now.
Embracing Change.
Learning to learn.
Loving to move, improve and transform.

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