Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nature, Big and Small

happy ganesh
We are part of Nature and we are a living Earth unto ourselves. What does that mean?

We can take a walk. The sky above, pleasure for our eyes, food for our lungs. The Earth below, something solid to move our walk forward, a place to get literally "grounded." Trees to give us pleasure, and oxygen, and maybe food, and often shelter for our flying and insect and other wildlife friends. The ocean to cool us and inspire us and evaporate water to the skies to create the rain and snow that we and the plants use to drink and stay alive.

Nature outside.

Nature inside is our bones and our nervous system, a brain that loves to learn and can sometimes get in a rut. This is our life. This is us, we can be aware of legs and arms and spine and eyes and ears and nose and mouth.

We are something like a little Earth unto ourselves. We have the rivers and the air in us, we have the solid and the liquid and the gas, we have electricity and we have this quality that is harder to pinpoint out in nature: awareness.

Animals, of course, have awareness, but this awareness is not like a river, not something you can see or touch or taste.

And yet it is core to who we are and what it means to be human, and for many creatures on Earth, what it means to be alive.

And why do I talk about this Big Nature out in the world, and this smaller, and equally amazing Nature we carry around in ourselves?

I talk about this because I enjoy and find useful the idea of Now, Nature and Love. Actually, I quite love this idea.

And sometimes connection to Nature means the obvious: get up off this chair, leave behind the computer, go to a door, open, walk out into the sky, find a place where my feet can walk that isn't paved, breathe the air that the trees and winds can provide.

And sometimes, inside, I can tap into awareness of being in this body, in this now, and notice my breathing, or my seeing, or the sensation of having a skeleton and arms and legs and spine. I can notice the rise and fall of my belly as I breathe. I can hear the sound of keys clicking as I type this into the computer. I can notice the weight of my body of my Sitz bones as I sit in this particular chair at this particular time.

I am alive.

You are alive.

When we sense that and are aware of that in our bodies, right now, we have also come back to a real time connection with nature.

This is good, I think. How about you?


Sensitive Strength


Waking up to now.
Embracing Change.
Learning to learn.
Loving to move, improve and transform.

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