Monday, September 22, 2008

Knees please, go slow, go easy: learn and heal


we've been dealing with Knees
around here

a sweet and amazing
the knee is really amazingly
designed to do not very much,
but it's a huge responsibility:
to transfer the power of the center
down to the feet
to transfer the information and
grounding from the feet up to the pelvis
and from there
to the spine

and it's the feet
and the hip/ pelvis that are supposed
to have lots of mobility,
and the knees
just kind of do not very much
going this way or that
as they bend and straighten
and transfer the force

how to improve your knees?

lie on the floor,
one foot standing on so that one knee is
up toward the sky
and one leg long

if one knee is "iffy"
start with the first best
knee as the one
pointed to the sky

and with the foot pretending to be walking,
or doing yoga,
or standing around,
push a little weight into the standing foot,
and experiment
play around with
the different ways you can
push into the ground:
side of foot
other side

then do easy
feel good
interesting circles with your pressure thru
the foot into the ground

and reverse

and rest

and same, first best leg:
come to foot standing again, and press into the ground
a bit,
so the pelvis is rotated,
and circle the knee,
but think of this as coming from the hip,
and feel as part of the circle, a nice sweet
arching of your back during big parts of the

and reverse

and rest

and then
in imagination or "reality"
do the same thing,
with your second best leg/ knee

there's lots more
and lessons are cool,
if you are so inclined,
four more months around Sonoma

try linking like this:
Neurological Upgrading Lessons


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