Saturday, February 20, 2010

sitting and side bending

Sitting and side bending.

Sit comfortably on the front edge of a chair. Breathe easily and do just very slightly a rounding and arching of your spine, to feel your pelvis more clearly on the chair, and the lengthening of your back when you arch.

Come to a sitting position with a slight arch, and your belly a bit forward and soft and free. Breathe in and out a number of times this way, and then interlace your fingers and bring your hands behind your head.

Now, keeping your nose pointing forward, tilt to the right, so your left elbow goes toward the sky/ ceiling and the right elbow comes toward your right hip. Notice what is happening with the weight on your pelvis. Is it going to your right “sit bone” or your left? Probably the right.

Now learn how to do this: as you tilt your head and elbow directly to the right, raise you right hip toward the right elbow, as they come closer, and allow your weight to shift to the left side of your pelvis.

Do this many times. “Easily.” And then rest.

Now, bring interlace your hands the “non-habitual” way, bring them behind your head, and tilt to the left. Two ways: first, shifting your weight left as you tilt, and then, many times, shifting the weight on your pelvis to the right. Feel the shape of your spine as you do this. Many times. Rest.

For today, play with remembering your spine and playing with the ways the spine, the ways your spine moves.

Folding and coming into a ball.

Arching and lengthening and rising to the sky.


Side bending.

See if you can discover a movement that will combine them all.

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