Monday, June 14, 2010

a baby lesson sent to a disbelieve: try, notice and ye shall learn

Cactus doesn't have to "learn" to live and move in gravity.
We do.
Good for and God for
us both.

These lessons are about learning almost each minute as we go along. All that is required is being present and attentive to your body and sensations in the moment.

Any time differences are noticed in the present, learning takes place. and when the small learnings are savored, and really enjoyed, and the pleasure of learning and nowing is felt, you change.

and try this:

lie on the floor.
work with the easy arm.
raise the foot on that side so the sole is standing on the floor.
raise the easy arm toward the ceiling.
in a relaxed way, lift the arm a little more toward the ceiling and gently bring the shoulder blade back to the floor.
feel the ribs rotating.
feel the shoulder blade lifting.

put the arm and leg down and feel even that little bit wakens to now and eases that arm.

now, come to the same position:
raise the arm and look to the left a number of times
and then raise the arm and look to the right
go slow enough to feel pleasure in each way.
go slow enough to feel the differences when your head goes one way and the other.

rest and notice the differences, the learning, in this much movement

put the foot standing and the arm toward the ceiling again
push the foot into the ground/ floor as you lift the arm toward the ceiling
notice, pelvis rotating, ribs rotating, shoulder blade lifting, back arching and ...
do this many times slowly and easily and feel pleasure
being present
learning about how an arm works with all of you

get up and have a good day

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