Sunday, June 13, 2010

What is the Feldenkrais Method®?

If you move slowly
you can wake
up to yourself.

If your movements begin to
follow a function,
like reaching forward with your arm,
or rolling to your side,
or rolling to your belly,
or coming to crawling,

you can begin to understand how you
have learned to move in this world
and 2 arms
2 legs
a spine
a head
a pelvis

and so on.

Feldenkrais Lessons help you uncover these delightful
that aren't mysteries
just outside of our usual awareness.

By slowing down
paying attention
using less effort
varying things around
taking lots of rests
treating the lesson as a lesson
i.e a place to learn
rather than to "Get it Right"
people can, you can, I can
realize options we might
never have realized before.

These lessons can be
self generated,
guided by a teacher in a group,
guided by a teacher in one on one sessions
of gentle touch and guidance
and moving.

I wrote an essay twice in here
building up Feldenkrais one word at a time
and then one sentence at a time.

The last time I went through that
was in March of 2007:

It started like this:

What is Feldenkrais:

One word:

Two words: Neural rewiring

Three words: Refining Our Awareness

Four words: Learning how to Learn

Four words: Increasing Our Self Connection

Five words: Transformation thru Undoing Stuck Habits

Six words: Expanding horizons thru Learning and Awareness

You can reread the whole thing here: MARCH 2007 WHAT IS FELDIE ESSAY/ EXPLORATION

But, hey.
life is new
now is now

what might I say today,
tired and in a library
and excited to try all sorts of new things,
including writing a novel,
and writing an essay or two a week,
and .....


What is the Feldenkrais Method:

One word: Learning

2: Slowing Down

3: Awareness Through Movement

4: Coming Home to Ourselves

5: Explorations in Gravity and Pleasure

6: Group and private lessons for transformation

7: Discovering Again how to Learn to Learn


1: Awakening

2: Sensing Now

3. Judo + Physics

4. Learning how to Learn

5. Slowing to Now, and Discovering

6. Gifting ourselves with slowing, nowing, learning

7. Happiness from returning to life in the Now (that's 8, oh well)

Okay, friends
Next: What is a lesson?
How to create a functional integration lesson.


p.s. email me, if you'd like. I'd enjoy it.

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