Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Power Outages in Austin, rolling black outs, between them, a bit of power and the internet, la la

I've got a book for sale that rotates between improvement "games"
"waking up to Now" "meditations"
emotional learning

IT's available by contacting me,
which is silly,
but I haven't officially published it yet.

I just revised section 41, a great movement lesson. I'll paste it in a bit below.

Here's the table of contents of the first 32 sections,
which is how you start, for $12.

Tao of Now, part 1

Transforming Your Life by
Coming into the Present
Moving, Thinking, Emotional Learning, & “Soul”
Using the work of Byron Katie, Moshe Feldenkrais,
Anat Baniel, and Chris Elms
1st 32 of 108 sections

Chris Elms, M.A.
Austin, TX; Orcas Island, WA; Sonoma, CA
Copyright, 2011
Intro One: The Dance of Learning    5
Intro Two: Game Plan of the Book    7

1. Moving: Leaning and shifting in standing    10
2. Emotional Learning: Admired in another, find them in yourself    12
3. Thinking: Turning left in a chair, head, eyes, ribs: noticing differences    14
4. “Soul:” Outside and Being    17

5. Moving: Sitting: rounding forward    19
6. Emotional Learning: Liking in our life, what do we like, clue toward what we are really like    22
7. Thinking: What are other people like, what do they like?    24
8. “Soul” Liking and loving in Nature, toward
who we really are    25

9. Moving: Sitting: arching and rounding    27
10. Emotional learning: 3 “positive” and 3 “negative” of another/ ourselves    30
11. Thinking:  Habits, possible changes and options    32
12. “Soul” : Doing nothing, meditation, pause, rest, wait    34

13. Moving: Stand, arch & round, breathe two ways    35
14. Emotional learning: Happy vs. unhappy, write it down    37
15. Thinking: Reality vs. interpretation of “the frown”    39
16. “Soul:” Walking with belly eyes ears nose and toes.    41

17. Moving: Standing round, arch, twist, hands behind head    43
18. Emotional Learning: End emotional suffering, the work of Byron Katie; #1: Is it true?    44
19, Thinking: Walking with Variation    47
20. “Soul:”  Gratitude    49

21. Moving: On back, one leg standing, twist, arch, learn.    50
22. Emotional Learning: BK, Q #1: Is it true? again    52
23. Thinking: What is fact and what is opinion?    54
24. “Soul:” Taking a walk in fact    56
25. Moving: Twisting in sitting    57
26. Emotional Learning: BK: Question  #2: Absolutely know?    60
27. Thinking: Thinking about our habits.    62
28. “Soul:”  Spiritual habits    64

29. Moving: Rotation in standing    65
30. Emotional Learning: BK, Question #3: How does it feel…    67
31. Thinking: BK, Question #4: Without the thought, who are you?    68
32. “Soul:”  Taking a walk in What Is    71

Here's section 41

Side bending on our backs.
Come to a firm and useful lying surface. Raise the left foot to standing. Push through that foot, keeping the knee pointing more or less toward the ceiling/ sky, and arch your back as you rotate the left side of your pelvis to the right, keeping the right side of your pelvis on the ground/ floor.
Do this a number of times, in review, pleasure and learning.
Rest. The “usual rest” of learning and integration and deep sensing of yourself.
(Imagine a time, later today, when you’ll do the other side.)
Now interlace your fingers, and put your hands behind your head, left foot standing, do this amazing movement of pushing arching rotating engaging the foot leg hip pelvis back neck and brain. To this add, moving your elbows on the ground/ floor, and “trying out” sidebending your head and neck and ribs three times to the right and three times to the left.
“Sidebending” means that the ribs on one side “shorten,” which is to say, come closer together, and on the other side expand out, like an accordian.
You keep your nose pointed to the ceiling.
You feel your ribs and head and everything involved in this, not just your neck.
Notice you are “sidebending” as you arch your back and rotate your pelvis.
Pay close attention to which “fits” the movement, sidebending to the right or to the left.
Once you’ve figured this out, rest.
Then do the entire movement and feel it and yourself as a unified person/ body/ being/ organism, pushing your foot, rotating your pelvis, arching and twisting your back, and sidebending your back and ribs, too.
Lots of things to enjoy, learn about and pay attention to in this movement.
Do this again, a few times. So slowly. Notice with pleasure and learning your ribs, different vertebrae, hip joints, shape of your spine, breathing. Reduce efforting. Come “back to neutral” equally slowly, and full of awaring. Maybe more than a few times, just make each time a movement of awareness a “game” of “meditation” and learning.
Do this again, and at the “end point,” stop, keep belly firmly out, and let your head rotate easily right and left. Two ways: one you sort of rub the back of your head on one spot on your hands as it rotates. Two: you allow your head to roll to the right and left as you rotate. Enjoy.
Up until now your nose has been pointed to the ceiling. Now your neck and nose rotate as you back stays arched and powerful.
Then let that go and do the “sidebending” once more, noticing the difference with your nose toward the ceiling.
Do this several times a day and it will be worth the cost of the entire book as far as ease, power and clarity in your life.

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