Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anger with variation

As I've mentioned I believe
I've realized that this mindfulness + variation thing
which is to say
creating options THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT
which is to say
what transformation is about up and down the line.

Let's take anger.

We can feel the anger in our body.
Then stand and feel the anger in our body.
then shift foot to foot and sense the anger as a smaller part of a bigger body.
Then we can skip and try to start angry

We can babble the words that we are angry about,
especially useful if we turn it into a should and shouldn't statement.

And then babble them sit to the left,
sitting to the right
sitting to the left with a British accent
sitting to the right with another accent

babble them at half speed
half volume
double speed
double volume

say them while standing on one foot

and then there's the whole Work of Byron Katie game,
that we can play with the should and the shouldn't

and if we are movers of attention and deepeners of awareness
as in Feldenkrais or Anat Baniel people,
we can start some simple complexity
like head one way,
eyes the other,
ribs the same as eyes,
babbling the anger while we rotate head to the left
babble life is wonderful while we rotate head to the right

babble anger on the outbreath
gratitude on the in breath
reverse those two

and this is just beginning

anyone getting the idea of how much fun
this would be
and how hard it might be to stay committed
to the suffering that anger likes
us to get stuck in?


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