Friday, September 16, 2011

The Happiness option

You know and
I know
we can at any moment
"chose happiness."

And it's a bunch of fun to let happiness
emerge as
"Who we really are,"
not by "trying" to be happy,
nor by the Pursuit of Happiness,
famous words we've heard someone,
and a sucker's game for a consumerist society, really,

nah, just happy because we run out of
steam in our games that avoid happiness

Like the
"You are wrong game."

play that and be happy.
lots of luck eh.

righteousness feels so good for the first half
and then, whether we know it our not,
it's just disguised hatred,
and that poison plays away inside

oh, no,
does that mean we can't be right and happy
at the same time?

No. we can be right about the bird we
the sky we watch
the breath we follow
even be right about the yukky sensations we
feel when righteous

but right that another is wrong,
or even better,
right that another should be different
because they could be "factually wrong,"
or behaviorally challenged (always according
to our rules and expectations of how we want
to be treated like kings and queens, and they somehow
just don't
"get it")
and how far do we get being right that they are wrong about
how they proceed in the world

ah, this is either obvious or

doesn't matter

I've discovered that the Work of Byron Katie
can greatly be assisted by switching positions:

sit here and believe the story is true
sit here and think it's an opinion
(this is Questions 1 and 2 in a way)

sit here and look at the other person knowing with
sweet righteous conviction: They should be different

How do you react in that seat.

Move to the "my thought is an opinion" chair.
look at them without the thought, empty mind,
just see the present reality
ta da...
what's left
who are you?

happiness is probably part of what's left
when the not you of judging falls away

don't believe this
or preach this

try it out

or not

your business
your life
your happiness

nourish your happiness and it will nourish you
and those around
and the Earth

be of good Cheer
on this muggy in Austin friday
with Austin City Limits music blasting to me
from several miles away,


Loving What is

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