Thursday, August 30, 2012

rules and Rules and Love

there are many rules in life one of mine is "do tai chi before computer stuff"

and here I am breaking the rule

we'll see if lightning strikes me down

(almost all rules are untrue,
and then again:
please mainly stop at red lights,
car people)

life is so simple, isn't it:
one now after another

and I couldn't wait to announce
the ridiculously obvious news

ah, me
ah, my
the dancing in the streets
that is God's preferred way of wasting time

and in God/ Life/ Yes
time is brightly un-wasteable
(you heard that word first here


so good for you
dancing in the streets of your heart
or busy
or suffering

all is food for the alchemy of

we have so little to lose
by embracing the impossible

what does that mean?

break some rules
dance in the streets
make some more money
love more that you are supposed to

see what happens

we think it "just can't get any better"

and then it does,
when we ask:
"It that True?"

so far,
no lightning


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