Thursday, November 08, 2012

Bipolar without drugs

The brain slayeth,
heal the brain, heal everything

this is from Dan Siegal's book,

It's one of the ones to the right.

Six parts:

1.Good rest/ sleep
This can, and should, include, mini breaks, even two minutes to sit in the sun, or lie of the floor/ lawn, throughout the day.

2. Good food, organic, range fed, wild fish, omega 3's for the brain
You are what you eat, ate. Pesticide and junk in, and the brain will get worse.

3.Good relationship : pleased, at ease, no resentments
 ( my work with the Byron Katie method can get all resentments cleared;
     being present and truthful in communication consolidates it)

4. Novelty
 ( the Anat Baniel work takes care of that)
And my mindfulness focus: find five ways to do everything,
even read this

5. Mindfulness
( Siegal uses meditation, I use all day mindfulness in the body,
or body
and breath
and light:
three layers and full time reality
 plus movement with and for awareness)

6. Exercise:
in fresh air; not rote; the combination of Feldenkrais and movement can make boring things like weight lifting, or semi cool things like yoga into brain food as well

and taking a walk, dancing, making love, this are as good as yoga, and should/ could be part of all our lives

For an earlier, slightly different version of this, see my September 24

6 Step deep Protocol for the brain on bipolar and depression 

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