Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's good about Bikram

 not in the Bikram repertoire, but they have things that can help toward this
AND, I learned to do this after an hour group lesson in my Anat Baniel training. The lesson was on the wrists. 

What's good about Bikram:

you sweat a lot

the same patter every time: you hear things you didn't the first nine and
you learn the huge difference between different people speaking the same patter

no spiritual pretension
the great divide between Yoga Journal, well dressed and spiritual icing and Yoga International, filled with Pantanjali and spiritually correct and boring, is bypassed:
this is kick ass for health, do it

pseudo suffering that just sensation
add words/ complaints and it's hell
(see OM hub post, cure-ish for inner chatter)

the usual yoga goody:
sensing the five lines of legs arms and spines in various positons to wake up to what every child drawing a human knows:
two legs
two arms

the stomach, cobra, locust series is suburb

lots of rests, not just at the end

you sweet a lot

lots of balance play
which, they do "wrong" i.e. they suggest,
as most yoga, a fixed gaze

sorry: good movement = pelvis commands balance, negotiates it, however you want to say,
and neck and eyes are free and mobile to look in all directions

think from survival or martial arts
see if you really want a thrilling ride, this interview with Moshe Feldenkrais on how he got "into" marital arts

let's end back being nice:
Bikram puts you thru a semi boot camp thing and if you stick with it, and learn to sense your tongue, soften the story, sense the whole body, etc, it becomes a pleasant way to spend an hour and a half, time that you no long want to end, it could be just exactly as long as it want

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