Monday, December 10, 2012

deep reality: sex, children, the feminine, nature, soil, water, mess, indigenous people

the wild world is
inside us,
every night
waiting to wake up
and sometimes it does

in our dreams
in our sex

the best sex in my life
i realized this weekend was
under the stars,
or on a hill overlooking an orchard
or on a cliff, overlooking the ocean

sex is nature
nature is sex

and there's as sweet practice,
usually  done indoors
and it reconnects us to the wild,
to the real,
to nature

to orgasm

orgasm was the word I didn't have on the list
of the title

how essential this miracle of everything getting
as all else drops away

we forget that it is nature's reminder of samadi
of death before death
of freedom

and here's the practice:
15 minutes
on the floor or bed, but a special nest
of pillows for head and kneess

takes off her pants, and that's all
takes off nothing,
and sits to her right,
his left leg straddling her,
right leg under her right

her legs butterflied

use a timer

strokes the upper left had quandrant of
her clitoris,
or whatever part has the most zing
and she
does nothing but receive

it's not the ocean

it's not the starry night

it's not a 400 year old redwood,
but it's a secret door to that world
a 15 minute door

not to be missed

try it

(and what about the indigenous people:
down to 4% of original numbers
the same as old growth trees,
down to 4% of original land area:

there is a wild world,
almost exstinguished
and it needs to be saved
and we need to save the
wild world in ourselves

the practice above
starts to roll back the rolling back

try it and

try it and realize
and feel
and sense life make sense
below all the words,

which is exactly where redwoods and oceans and flower live

and real love, too
which is the same topic
and more)

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