Saturday, December 01, 2012

Life is Yes, even when you die

her former husband
the tug of love underneath yanking
and not connecting

died for her
died with her
teased and refused to be helped
so he would die
in her arms
in her heart

he loved her so much
and forgot
and they both didn't know how
to re tie the tie that didn't bind
and he died of a broken heart

not really
he died of a heart free,
free to give her the freedom to love
every moment because it is
not yet death
and when that comes
it's one more moment to love

and maybe she'll teach that
or maybe she'll just teach that you
are always married to the one you
and why waste a minute moment second
forgetting it,
even if you aren't together

the love is there
the child is there
the poems are there

that used to be recited by Gurdjieff's father,
from memory, passed down for generations,
before the scrolls were discovered

that poems says:
it can be rough

and the rough is life
and it stirs
no matter how fucking hard
that's life

and the child lives
and the love lives
and this moment lives
and this poem isn't good enough
for how beautiful she was

and that's good enough, too

it's all love,
all love

all love

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fiatluxpoet said...


I am very touched by the existence of this verse, and feel strengthened, by witnessing the telling through your lens. Thank you.

Ivory Root