Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hello, God, this is God saying Hi

a cashier at Whole Foods
was reading a book while waiting
for someone
to arrive

I thought is charming
and asked about the book

Hermetic philosophy

Lay a ;piece of wisdom on me, please
I asked

He thumbs through,
excited and a little on the spot

He says that everything is God
mumble, mumble

and that's plenty for me

I stick out my hand
"Let's shake."

He does.

"Hi, God. My name is God,
pleased to meet you."

It takes a moment,
then he lights up,
"Yeah that's it."

We chat a bit more and then when I leave
I say,
"So long , God."
he says,
"See ya, God."

A nice way to start the day, gentle
reader, aka

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