Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Love and a Broken Heart

You've heard it before:

Tis better to have loved and lost,
Never to have loved at all.

Whatch think?

In my case, it wasn't a choice.
I loved.
I lost.

Sometimes the broken heart hurt like hell.
Sometimes it just hurt.

Recently, it was gentle, there was a breaking
underneath it all a love
for the parted one.

She had her ideas,
her wounds
her reasons,
some understood,
some not
( by both her and me,
the human heart is mysterious...
you know that)

She came
We loved
There were grand moments
There were spectacular moments

She left

Who is to say
that that
is not wonderful, too

This can't be explained in words,
and bittersweet is not what I'm talking about

and wistfulness
are closer

the closest I can come
is that a couple of weeks ago
I got caught out in a torrential rain
on my bike
and soon,
I was as soaked as you could possibly get
and then it
was just
"what the hell,
bring it on"

pure joy

broken heart:
bring it on

there is a love in there,

a deep and sweet love

I hope your next heartbreak is
has some of these same flavors

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