Thursday, November 27, 2014

A gratitude and touching and liking game for Thanksgiving

Something to do with someone you like. You love. You are hanging out with. You barely know.

Sit near to them.
Look each other in the eyes.

Say this. For three minutes, with a timer.
Go through these five statements, over and over.

"I notice this about me...

“I notice this about you…
“This is what I'm grateful  about life..
“I like this about me…
“ I appreciate this about you…”
 Repeat this for three minutes
“I notice this about me...“
“I notice this about you…
“This is what I'm grateful for about life..
“I like this about me…
“ I like appreciate about you…”

After the three minutes. Pause. Look at each other. Enjoy this.
Then the listener shares back, as long as it takes, what they heard and what they "got" about the other person from this sharing/

Then going the other way: tell it back the other way around. 
First noticing yourself, as a person in the moment. 
Notice the other in the moment.
Like... life
Like .. yourself
Like.. the other

Liking and gratitude and love and appreciation, all swirling around in the Thanksgiving of this amazing gift called life.

In the present of the present,
and liking
and love
and gratitude
and appreciation

For three minutes: massage the other person’s foot. Paying attention to :
What you like about it.
What it feels like to your fingers.
What specific parts of them you are touching.
What you imagine they are liking about it.

For two four one massages the other's foot, and then switch it the other way.

Then one minute feedback each, How it was giving? How it was getting?

Either the massage, or the liking life, self and the other.

AS many times as you wish.

It's your life.

Connection feels good.

Have you noticed?

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