Friday, November 21, 2014

Better talk and touch, and love and sex.... part 4 of 60

Not really 60 days straight, but in a program of ten days of work each other, that gets cycled through three times.

day four
This is going to be fun.
Every day is going to be fun, and yes, yes, there is going to be even more blow back from the habitual world, because, believe it or not, there is a big chunk of your inner programming that doesn’t want you to be happy and the busy/ kids/ tired/ sick/ whatever whatever excuses are going to rear their ugly ( and false, if you look carefully at the real problem to be solved and not the FEELING that things can’t be any different) heads.

So, keep it up.
Half an hour a day.
Preferably before dinner.

And here goes:


Sit close and look at each other for a minute. Just connect in silence.
Then a minute while holding hands.
The talking today is going to be an every other sentence loop back to the “gurdjieff meditation” I mentioned yesterday.
In that, you start first thing in the morning, and sense your right toes, and bit by bit sense up through foot ankle shin knee thigh to your right hip.
Then sense the entire right leg and hang out there a while.
Then, keeping that in awareness, add on, right finger tips, fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm and right shoulder socket. Then sense the two, right arm and right leg.
Breathe. Enjoy giving yourself real attention.
And the complete and unequivocal being “present” that this is.
As experience. Word free. Now, now, now, now.
And then, keeping the right arm and leg ( and fingers and toes) in sensing attention, go to the left shoulder and work your way down to the left fingertips.
Then hang out in those three: right leg and arm, left arm.
Then add on, keeping going around the circle, left hip, down thru thigh, knee, shin, ankle, foot, out to all the toe tips.
Then sense all four.
There is more to the “Gurdjieff meditation” and this much can be revealed today:  this is something for all day and all activities.

And so, for today’s talk, we’ll go around the circle every other statement, and you can sense up the right side and down the left, or just zap into the whole limb at once, and it’s going to bring you present, now, present, now, present, now.

Person A, goes like this for 3 minutes:
“Sensing my right leg and toes, I notice….”
“This is what I like about me…”
“Sensing my right arm and fingers, I notice…”
“This is what I like about you….”
“Sensing my left arm and fingers, I notice…”
“This is what I like about me….”
“Sensing my left leg and toes, I notice…”
“This is what I like about you….”
“Sensing my right leg and toes, I notice….”
“This is what I like about me…”

And so on.
Then, person B, for one minute, feeds back to highlights of what they heard.

Switch, the other way.

Do it again, so 16 minutes is taken up being present to ten fingers and ten toes and to liking of oneself and to liking of the other.

5 minute massages of one of your partner’s feet. They can make requests. But not too many. Sense your arms and legs as you give the massage. Especially sense in your foot whatever you are massaging in their foot.
And sense the fingers you are using, and the using of your arms and whole self to move your massaging hands.
One minute each to say how that was for you.

Seven minutes the other way around.

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