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Do you want to be Happy: Two Huge Choices,

This is chapter one of the book, which is now better and better and has the magnificent title of:

here it is, for your transformation and delight:

The Juicy Now, Love, Gratitude and the Wonderful Life
What are you aware of right now?

SPEAK five sentences, aloud, starting with the words, “Now I am aware….”

Do it.

As you read this book, there will be a lot of action, action that will always be as much in the juicy now as possible.

Here’s the deal: we are alive. Someday we are going to die. In between we have two great choices:

Not that learning from the past is a waste of time. We’d be fools not to. But, and this is a HUGE but, a large percent of human misery is complaining/ demanding/ wishing that the past have been different.
Can’t be done.
Not even yesterday.
Not even ten minutes ago.

Living in the future is again usually an escape from our real life as it is happening, a having our feet ten steps ahead of us, and getting in trouble.

And the future is hugely important as a pointer, as the place we empower our dreams, as the hangout for our visions of the more amazing us we can be as we live a more amazing life. It can be magical and transformational and juicy to have large and amazing goals for the future.
AND, right now, and now and now, as you move toward the future, is the only place you can be happy. This is the moment by moment choice: happy or unhappy. 
Why waste life being unhappy? If you don’t it yet, being in fear is, along with being out of the present, one of the major ways we all waste our lives and live in unhappiness.
You can’t be afraid and be happy. 
And here’s the miracle of clear choice:

This is choice #2

You can be in either love or in fear, but not in both.
You can like things and yourself and moments and people in your lifew, or be in fear. And you can’t be in both.
You can be in either gratitude or in fear, but not in both.

If you live in fear you can’t be happy. And here’s the fun benefit you can change your life with right now: wishing ourselves from unhappiness to happiness is usually not that easy a feat, but shifting, right now to either “I love..” and filling in the sentence, is not that hard.
Even easier is shifting, right now, to filling in this sentence: “I am grateful….”

So, here we go with the next two fundamental and crucial practices toward a life of transformation, ease, happiness, love and great sex.

As I’ve said before, and brain research is proving, you can be in fear, or you can be in gratitude.
Not both.

So, now, write five sentences like this:
“I am grateful….”
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”


Write these anywhere, on any piece of paper. Go out and get yourself a gratitude journal as quickly as possible.
Write in it at least 3 times a day.
This is your prayer to the glory of life. This is your remembrance of the miracle of being alive.

And an “I am aware…” journal.
And a goals journal. Later on that, but transformation means that you get to be present and be happy and be healthy and starting to create a vision for the fabulous (or more fabulous) life you want for yourself.

For now though, let’s run through all three:
Saying aloud…
“Now I am aware….”
“I love…”
“I am grateful…”

Try different orderings of these three. This book needed to start with the Now.
But this is the order I prefer in my day, and it’s the order that Carol and I use to say aloud to each other before we meditate:
Five each of
“I am grateful….”
“I love…”
“Now I am aware…”

Try this with your children. Help them dip continually into what is best and juiciest in life.
Don’t you wish you’d been taught this as an ongoing practice when you were young?

Try this throughout your day. Spend a minute or two saying aloud or writing down one or two or three of each.
Notice what happens to your mood.

Have a gratitude journal.
Write in it at least twice a day (beginning and end). If you want a miracle life, go to at least three times a day. (Wait until I tell the story of meeting the love of my life who moved in half a block away, and was getting ready for me and vice versa as one of the things I was doing three times a day was writing a long list of gratitudes and of goals)

Super Game #2:
Write down five things you love.
You can do this in a separate “Like and Love” journal, or as part of your gratitude journal.
And here, first time around, write on anything. 
As long as you are handwriting.
It can be in the air or on your leg.
Better a piece of paper.
Better collected with all your other likes and loves and gratitudes.

Simple, though, and do it right now, write now, and do this anytime and any time and every time in your life that you want to switch out of fear and into reality.
(Reality is God as Love, and you don’t have to believe in God. You do know that life is at its best when you are loving and being loved. 
That’s the core.
And it’s the Universe, too.
Life is Love.
So going to love at least three times a day is praying to what Life is really about.)

And right now, write now, five sentences:

I love….
I love….
I love…
I love…
I love…

Read these over.
Maybe even read these aloud.

And then proceed to game 3. Which we started with, but I wanted to position it as game #3, because this is the sequence Carol and I start our meditations and our going to sleep in:
The present.

Game #3: Write down, or say aloud, or both, five things you are aware of right now.
Not thoughts.
Not opinions.
Not even emotions.

Just pure observation with no commentary and no judgment.

“Now I am aware…”
“Now I am aware…”
“Now I am aware…”
“Now I am aware…”
“Now I am aware…”

If you write these, perhaps you can start a love and awareness journal, because it is very fine, very useful, transformative to have gratitude journal.

And do it.

This is the third game…
to start this book
to start any meditation
to get out of shitty moods and worry (which is always about fear)
to get back into the juicy now and the love of life and your higher, real self.

That’s what this book is about: finding and living in happiness each and every moment in your real self as you
one: enjoy every second of your life
two: move toward and achieve your life dreams
three: do this with a fabulous partner if that is what you wish

That’s chapter one.
And if all you do is these three things twice a day the book will have already changed your life.


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