Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Towards the more amazing YOU--- Breathing, body, gratitude, movement

How to have better sex?
How to have more aliveness right now?
How to move away from fear toward a life full of love?

Here's how:

We are alive.
Right now.
We are alive, right now.

Can you feel that? In your deepest and most real self? Right now? 
Can you sense your breathing right now?
Are you breathing in? Or breathing out? Or pausing in between?
How deeply into your body is your breathing going?
How happy and relaxing does your breathing feel, right now.

Sensing our breathing, right now!
What shift does that create?
Sensing our arms and legs, right now!
What if you sense your legs or your hands: where are they in space? What are they touching? Where are the fingers? Where are the toes?
What happens when you allow your attention to go where it often doesn’t go, below the neck? 
Slow down and notice this shift.
What happens when you allow yourself to sense and even enjoy knowing and feeling where are your hands, where are your arms, where are your legs, where are your feet?
What shift takes place in you when you sense the arms and legs?
And what deeper shift happens if you add on the breathing too?

You are alive.
Does sensing your arms and legs and breathing help make this more real, and present and vivid to you?

This is the first central concept of this book : You are alive, right now. And sensing arms and legs and breathing can awaken that realization in any moment you wish)

“Hey! I am alive now.” What if you say that, or think that. “Hey, thank you, I am alive.”

Who are you thanking?
It doesn’t matter.
Can you feel, right now, gratitude for being alive?

If yes, great.
If not, can you feel gratitude for anything?

This is the second central concept of this book: If you aren’t in gratitude, you are fucked.
Am I really saying that?
If we aren’t in gratitude, we are fucked.

If we aren’t in gratitude, we are fucked.
If we aren’t in gratitude, we are fucked.

And what does that mean, for you and I and the big blue sky?
A lot.
Because >>>
When we need to “reset” this is always a good place to start.

Brain research is showing that the brain can be either in gratitude, or fear, but not both.
See how important this is?

See how this book is staring: get present to your arms and legs and breathing, and now>>> get into gratitude.
What will this change?


People have known for centuries that you would lead a vastly more happy and productive (and healthy) life
if you gave thanks to the Lord, or 
if you spoke gratitude or wrote it down every morning or night, or 
if you had a heart full of thankfulness/ gratitude for the big and small gifts of your being alive right now, today

This book is for those who want a fabulous love at the center of their life.
Say that again:
This book is for those who want a fabulous love at the center of their life.
This book is for those who want awakened talk and  loving and happy communication to be a central part of this fabulous love.
This book is for those who want mindful touch and glorious sex to be a central part of this fabulous love.
This book is for those who want an “enlightenment” that is full time, and not so special, and creates a glow of happiness and awareness and joy and service as the full time undercurrent of our lives.

And how to do that?
Start with awareness.
Your arms, your legs, your breathing.
Move on to gratitude.
And then one more thing in this chapter.
( And gobs more awakening and love and touch and sex and happiness and “saving the world” games throughout the book)

Ready to shift toward even more happiness?
Get out a pen and paper and play the first love game, the write down your gratitude game.


The writing should be handwriting, not typed into a computer or smart phone.
If you don’t have paper, handwrite in the air (air writing) four gratitudes. Or “air write” on your leg, or on a nearby table.
Doesn’t matter: just write, right now, four gratitudes.
Paper is nice.
If you have a piece of paper, handwrite four gratitudes. Write slowly, so you are present to your hand and feet and breathing and sight and sound while you write your four gratitudes.
A “gratitude journal” is even better.
If you have a spare journal, that you can now call your “gratitude journal” even better. If you don’t have a spare journal, and you want to use this book for the glorious transformations that are part of creating a fabulous love at the center of your life: get yourself several journals, and label one the “gratitude journal.”

Do soon buy a journal that is just for gratitudes.
Do soon initiate the practice of doing this at least twice a day.

Because the brain cannot be in both fear and gratitude at the same time.

Because the nervous system is wired for love or for fear. Gratitude is a central way of opening your love channel.
How often can you go to gratitude.
As often as you want to feel good, or shift yourself into being able to love and perform and enjoy life.

Let’s do it again.
Never too much gratitude. Right now, write now, four more…
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”

Great. Now read aloud all the gratitudes you have written and listen to your voice and even let yourself smile as you read them.

And now, one more game, a game that will help enlightenment and sex and happiness, a getting out of your head game different than the sensing feet and arms and breathing and different than getting into the heart and hand and writing gratitudes.

This is an “Awareness Plus Movement Plus Learning Game.”
This is a great way to end a chapter of creating instant and wonderful shifts in your life, right now.
Here it is:

Aware Body Game #1: Stand and lengthen and smile and breathe deeply.
Stand and allow yourself to breath more fully and deeply. Let your arms lift about your head and let a smile come to your face.
Even better, stand outside or near a window where you can see the sky and some trees.
Breathe deeply and sense your arms and your legs and your breathing.
Let the light come into your eyes and be aware of eyes and toes as opposite ends of the animal body, real life in the now you.
Aware of light at the top.
Aware of breathing in the middle.
Aware of toes and feet at the bottom.

Now, movement. Without movement there is no life.
Lift up onto your toes.
Take in air as fully as you wish.
Let something like a smile come to your face.
Lift up onto your toes as you breathe in.
Smile as you do this.
Come back down on your heels and let the air out.
Do this four or five times.
Make each time enjoyable and a chance for awareness of you, in a body, in motion and breath and awareness.
Feel your body.

Now make this a bit more pleasurable and complicated.
As you come down on your heels, raise your toes slightly off the ground, if you can do this comfortably,
Up on the toes.
Air in.
Down and up on the heel.
Air out.
Four or five times.

Rest. Feel your body. Know you are alive.

Do it again, even slower.
Up on the toes and air in.
Raise the toes a little as you “stand” on the heels.
Air out.
Do this slowly and easily. Just barely lifting the toes if this is difficult. Or imagining lifting the toes, even, if it isn’t do-able yet.

Rest. Feel your body, Know you are alive.
Feel yourself from toe to top of your head.

Now an even more fun way.
As you lift up onto your toes, do two things:
Breathe in
Lift your arms above your head

And as you come down, and lift the toes a little
Breathing out.
And letting your arms come back down.

You will feel this as an “all of you” movement.
Breath in.
Arms up.
Up onto toes.

Breath out.
Arms down.
Up onto heels, or simple rest flat on your feet.

Try this a number of times and start to add a smile with the breathing in.
Or a smile with the breathing out.
Or a smile all the time.

What difference does that make?

This book is about transformation.
Transformation is about learning at the level deeper than words.
Learning is about noticing differences.

Let’s start right now and notice differences:
How is it different to be on your heels and on your toes.

How is it different to be breathing in and breathing out?

How is it different to have your arms up and have your arms down?

None of these are a quiz. None of these need and should have a verbal answer.

The sensing is in you.

Have fun.
Be aware.

Can you feel how useful this will be later for your sex life?
This is the beginning of a better and better sex life and a better and better enjoyment of your own self in the world of light and breathing and gravity.

Do this a number of times, so that it feels like a soothing and connecting movement for your whole being, from toes all the way to the top of your head.

And let’s finish this section by having all three concept in action:

One, know you are alive by sensing arms and legs and breathing.
Two, shift toward love and out of fear by remembering your gratitudes as you do this.
Three, shift into learning and awareness as movement as you 

Sense the arms and legs
And feel/ say gratitudes
and lift onto the toes 
and breathe in
and raising your arms up

And sense the arms and legs
and feel/ say gratitudes
as you lift the toes and press into your heels
and breathe out
and let your arms down

You are alive
You are aware
You are grateful
You are moving with awareness

Which is to say:
You are alive.
In awareness.
In heart.
In body.
In you.


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