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You are alive... that's the basis of reality// some high level yammer (concepts)

Love and Enlightenment, Let’s Start Now

How to have better sex?
How to have more aliveness, vitality and sensuousness?
How to move away from fear toward love?
How to be continuously happy as we make a huge difference in saving  the planet and humanity?

Here’s how we start: the now, gratitude, awakened movement.

And the start of the start?
Let's start with the obvious and the most important and the often forgotten central truth of our lives.

We are alive.
Central Concept #1: We are alive. Right now.
Can you feel that? In your deepest and most real self? Right now? 
Can you sense your breathing right now?
Are you breathing in? Or breathing out? Or pausing in between?
How deeply into your body is your breathing going?
How happy and relaxing does your breathing feel, right now?

Ah>>> Sensing our breathing, right now!
What shift does that create?
Sensing our arms and legs, right now!
To the human brain, through hundreds of thousands of year of evolution, this is super important: where are our hands and arms? Where are our legs and feet?
Try it now.
Put attention on the obvious and oft forgotten: where are all four limbs and both feet and both hands?
Humans who knew this survived.
Those who didn’t died.
We are protected in modern life, and yet, to know this is to be awakened to the fullness of being a human being on this planet Earth, right now.
Right now, where are your feet and legs? Where are your hands and arms?
What happens when you allow your attention to go where it often doesn’t go, below the neck? 

Slow down and notice this shift.
What happens when you allow yourself to sense, right in this changing and always now now,  and even enjoy knowing and feeling where are your hands, where are your arms, where are your legs, where are your feet?
What shift takes place in you when  you come back to planetary reality?

And add on breathing to arms and legs and hands and feet.
What happens when you sense breathing in your center and arms and legs and hands and feet at the full edges of yourself?
What happens to your realization of what it means and feels like, as sensation, to be alive?

You are alive.
Does sensing your arms and legs and breathing help make this more real, and present and vivid to you?

This is the first central concept of this book. Or is it a reality, unlike most concepts?
Once again
  Concept/ Reality #1: You are alive, right now. 
Nourishing the realization of this reality:
sensing arms and legs and  
hands and feet and 
your in or out breathing 
can awaken and deepen and 
make present, real and concrete that 
the Realization
“I am alive. Now”
 in any moment you wish

“Hey! I am alive now.” What if you say that, or think that. And add the next adornment to this miracle called being alive:
“Hey, thank you, I am alive.”

Who are you thanking?
It doesn’t matter.
Can you feel, right now, gratitude for being alive?

If yes, great.
If not, can you feel gratitude for anything?

This is the second central concept of this book: If you aren’t in gratitude, you are fucked.
Am I really saying that?
If we aren’t in gratitude, we are fucked.

Central Concept #2: If  we aren’t in gratitude, we are fucked.
If we aren’t in gratitude, we are fucked.

And what does that mean, for you and I and the big blue sky?
A lot.
Because >>>
When we need to “reset” our thinking, or “reset” our mood, or “reset” our momentum,  this is always a good place to start. A reliable place to start. A foolproof place to start?

Really? Foolproof?
Yes… Why? Read on……
Brain research is showing what deeply happy, or spiritual or loving or awakened people have known forever: that 
the brain and heart can be either in gratitude, or fear, 
but not both.
See how important this is?

See how this book is staring: get present to your arms and legs and breathing, and now>>> get into gratitude.
What will this change?


People have known for centuries that you could and would lead a vastly more happy and productive (and healthy) (and sexy) life
if you gave thanks to the Lord, or 
if you spoke gratitude or wrote it down every morning or night, or 
if you had a heart full of thankfulness/ gratitude for the big and small gifts of your being alive right now, today

This book is for those who want a fabulous love at the center of their life.
Saying that again:
This book is for those who want a fabulous love at the center of their life.
This book is for those who want awakened talk and  loving and happy communication to be a central part of this fabulous love.
This book is for those who want mindful touch and glorious sex to be a central part of this fabulous love.
This book is for those who want an “enlightenment” that is full time, and not so special, and creates a glow of happiness and awareness and joy and service as the full time undercurrent of our lives.
Service: saving humanity and the Earth from the drift toward selfishness and ignorance and racism and sexism and inequality.

And how to do that?
Start with awareness.
Your arms, your legs, your breathing.
Move on to gratitude.
And then one more thing in this chapter.
( And gobs more awakening and love and touch and sex and happiness and “saving the world” games throughout the book)

Ready to shift toward even more happiness?
Get out a pen and paper and play the first love game, the write down your gratitude game.


The writing should be handwriting, not typed into a computer or smart phone.
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”

If you don’t have paper, handwrite in the air (air writing) four gratitudes. Or “air write” on your leg, or on a nearby table.
Doesn’t matter: just write, right now, four gratitudes.
Paper is nice.
If you have a piece of paper, handwrite four gratitudes. Write slowly, so you are present to your hand and feet and breathing and sight and sound while you write your four gratitudes.
A “gratitude journal” is even better.
Before the week is out get yourself a “gratitude journal.” ( And get a couple more. One will be for goals. The other, awareness plus loves and likes plus “brain/heart searching” for the new and more meaningful and amazing life.)

Do soon buy a journal that is just for gratitudes.
Do soon initiate the practice of doing this at least twice a day.

Because the brain cannot be in both fear and gratitude at the same time.
I said that before.
Oh, well… this is news to change a life, 

Because the nervous system is wired for love or for fear. Gratitude is a central way of opening your love channel.

How often can you go to gratitude?
As often as you want to feel good, or shift yourself into being able to love and perform and enjoy life.

Let’s do it again.
Never too much gratitude. Right now, write now, four more…
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”
“I am grateful…”

Great. Now read aloud all the gratitudes you have written and listen to your voice and even let yourself smile as you read them.

Okay. We have two giant ways back toward the happiness and love who is who we really are:
Waking up to the moment and realizing: I AM ALIVE.
Shifting from whatever was on our minds and heart to : I AM GRATEFUL FOR…

And now, one more game, a game that will help enlightenment and sex and happiness, a getting out of your head game different than the sensing feet and arms and breathing and different than getting into the heart and hand and writing gratitudes.

This is an “Awareness Plus Movement Plus Learning Game.”
This is a great way to end a chapter of creating instant and wonderful shifts in your life, right now.
Here it is:

Aware Body Game #1: Stand and lengthen and smile and breathe deeply. Connect to gravity. Feel yourself expand.
We are human beings of this planet. Those who knew how to move well survived. Deep in our brains we crave and love graceful and pleasurable movement. Watch any child. Watch any couple of any age dancing together. Remember the last time you skipped.
Being in our bodies with awareness is one thing.
Moving with pleasure and ease and awareness is another.

Central Concept #3: Without movement there is no life.
Lift up onto your toes. Push down into the earth from your legs as you lift your heels and press into your toes.
Feel the difference: toes into the earth/ ground/ floor and heels up.
Feel what happens to your legs and hips and ribs and spine and head.
Movement is movement, creates a change in your shape on this earth, this planet, this place of gravity, of constant gravity.

Push down your toes and lift your heels, as you..
Take in air as fully as you wish.
Let something like a smile come to your face.
Lift up onto your toes as you breathe in.
Smile as you do this.
Come back down on your heels and let the air out.
Do this four or five times.
Make each time enjoyable and a chance for awareness of you, in a bod y, in motion and breath and awareness.
Central Concept #4: Without awareness we are at a donkey level in our movement. With awareness we are waking up to really being human. With awareness we can increase ease, grace and skill.
Notice your body.

How to create more awareness and less donkey?
Have variation.

Let’s try this.
One time as you go up with your heels breath in.
The next time you go up on your heels breathe out.
Feel, sense the difference.
Enjoy, sense the difference.
Delight in exploring and noticing the difference.

Do this a number of times and feel how it is a great combination of soothing and energizing.

(This is a subset of my ten years training in the Feldenkrais Method® and the Anat Baniel Method. More on them later, but at the core they are ways of re-engaging the brain/body as a learning unity the way we were when we were preverbal children and learning to roll over, sit up, crawl and all that good stuff was the center of our life and learning.)

Learning is noticing a difference that makes a difference.
It is not memorizing words.

Go up with breathing in.
Go up with breathing out.

Notice the difference.

This is not something a donkey, or a worker-outer in most gyms can do. This is not crank it out movement. This is not “range of motion” movement. This is not “stretch” (an abysmal concept) movement. This is not get stronger movement.
Except to get stronger/ smarter/ more aware in the brain.

Let’s get some more variation.
One turn:
Pressing down on the toes ( toes down and heels up) with breathing in.
Back down so heels are flat on the floor/ ground/ earth.
Pressing down on the toes with breathing out.
Back down so heels are flat on the floor/ ground/ earth

Next turn:
Pressing down with the toes, heels up with breathing in
Back down so the heels are pressing into the ground/ floor/ earth and the toes are slightly raised up
Pressing down on the toes, heels up, with breathing out
Back down so the heels are pressing and the toes are slightly raised.

Next turn:
Foot flat on the descending part, as in the first turn

Toes raised on the descending part, as in the second turn

And back and forth.

So neither becomes a rut to get into.

So your brain and body continuous have differences to notice:
Breathing in vs breathing out when going up
Flat foot vs toes up when going down.

Try this a number of times and start to add a smile with the breathing in.
Or a smile with the breathing out.
Or a smile all the time.

What difference does that make?

This book is about transformation.
Transformation is about learning at the level deeper than words.
Learning is about noticing differences.

Please delight in noticing and sensing the differences, as well as the simple wonderful pleasure of using your body/ mind slowly and gracefully:
How is it different to be on your heels and on your toes.
How is it different to have the foot flat on the descend vs having the toes up on the descent?

How is it different to be breathing in and breathing out?

How is it different smiling and not smiling?

(And here’s another crucial difference: how is it different doing this as an exploration vs doing this to “do it right?”)

None of these are a quiz. None of these need and should have a verbal answer.

The sensing is in you.

Have fun.
Be aware.
Notice learning in all of your life.

If you want, go write some more gratitudes and notice the difference that makes.

See you in the next chapter..

( PS: Can you feel how useful this being in your body and learning differences in movement, and being in gratitude and noticing differences in your state of being will be later for your sex life?
I hope so.)

Good again.

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