Wednesday, October 25, 2017

3 meditations: Awareness = You, Attention all day, Clitoris-connection

Three Meditations
Awareness (of Awareness)
Attention (arms, legs, eyes, ears)
Connection (one fingertip, coconut oil and the Clitoris)

Meditation #1: Awareness as Who you Really are
Is that true?
Find out.

This is a closed eye meditation at first.
If you want to increase love, do this looking at your partner.
Sit somewhere more or less upright.
Commit to some increment of five minutes, 5, 10, 15 and so on.
Start with your breathing.
Become aware of your breathing.
Then become aware of the awareness that is aware of your breathing.

Then stay somewhat quiet inside and see where your attention goes.
If you have “thoughts,” notice that you notice them with your awareness.
Become aware of the awareness that is aware of thinking.

If you go to emotional feelings, notice that you can notice them with your awareness.
Notice that your awareness is NOT words. It has no opinion or judgment about your emotions. Those judgments and opinions are more thoughts. Become aware of the thoughts and realize that the awareness that is aware of thought has no opinion or judgment about thoughts.

One way to see this is that being in the “now” is to live in a world without words. Words are always pulled in from out of the now. So an awareness of thoughts, or feeling, or physical sensations, is just that, in the present, an awareness.
No commentary.
No opinion.
No demand that it shift.

Just awareness.

Keep hanging out in awareness and see if you can find where it lives.
See if you can find out anything else that has always been with you.
See if you can find out anything else that is more fundamentally you.

And enjoy.
This awareness, free of commentary and words and opinions and judgments, is a great vacation.

Meditation #2: The Gurdjieff meditation again.
Start in sitting and then play with this in many circumstances throughout your day.
Have sensing attention in your right leg and all its toes.
Have sensing attention as well in your right arm and all its fingers.
Have sensing attention as well in your left arm and all its fingers.
Have sensing attention as well in your left leg and all its toes.

Add on, sound coming into your ears.

Add on, light coming into your eyes.

This you can do while reading or listening to this.
This you can do talking to your mate. It’s not easy.
It’s a trip.
Take the trip.

And walking down the hall. Walking to the car. Walking across a parking lot. Cooking dinner. Doing your exercises. Making love. All these and more: your arms and legs and eyes and ears and taking in life.
Why not join them?

Meditation #3:
Connection via attention in an extremely  gentle way to a woman’s clitoris.

This sounds exotic.
It is.
Women are so used to performing. This is their chance to receive and not “put out.”

Men deeply want to satisfy a women. And then the PIV sex comes along and they start thrashing, and especially if they are “trying” to “climax,” they lose their wish to satisfy, deeply their partner.

This is a chance for a connection and a meditation in the now at a very specific point.

One of the man’s fingertips on his left hand is lightly lubricated with coconut oil.
He keeps all his clothes on.
He straddles the women, sitting to her right, with his left leg over her belly and his right leg under her right leg.
He faces her feet, and her clitoris.

She is on her back. Panties off. Top on. Legs butterflied out. Right leg lightly resting on his. Pillows can help her legs, and his sitting. This can be on a bed, or on the floor near the bed on a nice blanket or carpet.

Play with figuring this out. There is no hurry.

A timer is set.
There are various subsets to this, and basically, he very slowly and very gently, far far more gently than he has ever touched a women before, strokes her clitoris.
The now is bright and pleasurable at this point of contact.
She has 8000 pleasure receptors.
He will feel her pleasure, not just in his finger, but in much more of him.
Find out.

Two minutes to rub her legs first and “warm up.”
Thirteen minutes to lightly, slowly, with connection and presence and no wish to “climax” her, stroke her clitoris.
The goal is to be present.
The goal is to be present.
The goal is to be present.

Two mixtures to “cool down,” with light, firm downward strokes.
A minute to share ONE time each of real time sensations during this meditation.

Get up.
She gets dressed.
Then do something else, like a walk, or make dinner together, or take a nap in clothes.
No sex for forty minutes or more.

Let the connection flood you both.

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