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Don't Believe your own Thinking

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Day Three: Super Power Liberation Pathway Number Three:
Love, Lust and Liberation by….
Don’t Believe Your Own Thinking

Here is some sad but true news: we are all crazy.
Or, wait a minute: this is liberating and happy news: we are all crazy. Huh? Read on.
Look at this craziness: We say we love someone, and then we obsess in our thoughts about how THEY are the cause of our unhappiness and how THEY should change. ( I love you just the way you are. Now, change.)
Or how about this, as even more dead ahead crazy: WE WANT THE PAST TO HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT.
Have you ever heard a more sure losing bet? Our whining has the power the rewind and rewrite the past we so often think, or “think” it should be called, in those moments when we are crazy, and believe our thinking and make ourselves unhappy.
This is either sad or funny: how much of human emotional suffering comes from demanding in our own idiotic way this impossibility: that the past have been different.

Let’s jump and leave those crazinesses behind in two ways. Big surprise from what we’ve done so far: in one game we’ll jump into gratitude, and in the other game we’ll jump into the present of the present. 

Don’t Believe Your Own Thinking Game #1: Jump to Gratitude
Find some crappy thoughts you are having about “someone”
Stand on some spot that you’ll call and feel as the “blame spot.” Once there, think more consciously the blame thoughts you are already thinking about the other person. 
Allow your body to crunch in.
Deliberately go over and over the thoughts.
Notice the crappy feelings that accompany the thoughts.

Now: the transition set-up.
Then, stand up straighter, and look out at the world (get out of your head) and take a deep breath.
Now, the shift:
Now JUMP, really, Jump to another spot, and in that spot take another deep breath. Lengthen and play with your arms a little. Look around and see some things you like. 
And..say aloud six gratitudes.
Three about life in general.
Three about this so-called “bad” person who did whatever to push your buttons.

EXPERIENCE DIFFERENCE: Now, slink back to the original blame spot, and feel the pain of that.  Go into believing the blame thoughts again. Notice the difference. Learn.

EXPERIENCE DIFFERENCE: And jump again to the gratitude spot. Again, three gratitudes aloud for life in general and three appreciations/ gratitudes about the other person.
And feel the differences, which is to say: learn. 
And from each gratitude spot, look back at the blame spot and see how diminished and sad it appears.

We’ve already experienced the power of gratitude.
And we’ve made it explicit that learning is noticing a difference that makes a difference.
Here we are jumping to two different spots, to have a gratitude based outlook on reality.
And experiencing the difference.
And… we can always slink back, temporarily, to the grumpy/ blame spot. Knowing that we have two alternatives, at least is an immense relief. Right?

For the next game, we’ll jump again, and this time we will once more jump back and forth and compare the two choices. This time we’ll jump from the impossible belief: the past should have been different, to the miracle space: we are alive right now, what is our three layered awareness right now.

Freedom from Crazy Thinking Game #2: The Past “Should” have been different vs. Jump to the Now
Stand in a sad spot, and take some belief in your head about some past situation that “should” have been different.
Grunt and groan and see if you have the power to change the past.
Crunch down and feel weak and notice how whining inside doesn’t move the past a bit.

To a new spot. Breathe deeply. And feel the breathing in your middle layer.
Wiggle your toes and feel you bottom layer.
Smile and feel the smile and look at the world with your eyes and hear it with your ears.
Now systematically, say a “Now I am aware…”, twice, of the bottom layer.
Then, “now I am aware…,” twice, of the middle layer.
Finally, “Now I am aware…,” twice of the top layer.

Delight in being present.

EXPERIENCE DIFFERENCE. Then, slink back to the “Past should have been different” belief pattern.
See, once more, how crappy and powerless this feels.
Notice the difference.
Realize that this is a choice.

EXPERIENCE DIFFERENCE. Make the other choice.
Jump to the Present of the Present Spot.
Again, work your delighted awareness through the three layers:
Bottom: toes, ankles, feet, legs, knees, hips, pelvis, balance, movement, toes
Middle: ribs, breath, belly, spine, arms, hands, fingers
Top: neck, skull, face, smell, sight, sound, smile, hair.
Feel the fullness of life.

From this fullness look back at the false belief (otherwise known as a LIE) that the past should have been different.
Stay in the present of the present spot and realize, with humor the silliness of the other spot.

Then, go find your partner and hold hands and take a walk.
Or, go take a walk on your own.

That’s enough for day three.

As daily activities, saying gratitudes while holding  hands: a pretty great idea.
Saying present awareness in three layers while holding hands a pretty great idea.

Taking a jump to gratitude or the present whenever you are unhappy and want to EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE of an unhappiness free life ( otherwise known as happy): a pretty good idea, don’t you think?

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