Friday, December 15, 2006

The Delight of Life

This is what it is, right? We are alive, it's a miracle, so yippee, let's delight in this life while the gift is ours. Of course, if we see others being kept from delight in life, say because of racial prejudice or economic injustice, we can do what we can do. Sometimes finding something effective can be crazy making, but that's a long story, and I'm trying to keep these short.

So: we are in delight, or we aren't.

We are present or we aren't.

It's possible to be happy and stone total unaware, but it can only last as long as everything is going our way.

So now we can wind our way back to waking up and Feldenkrais, because unlike many other healing systems (though not all, see an earlier essay on Body Electronics and Little Miss Sunshine), we aren't after "balancing" people. We are after helping people achieve radically better balance, the kind of balance that would make one a superb judo player, but we are not about balancing them.

We are about unstabilizing a stuck way of being and from that unstability, which we could call the New, or the Not Knowing state, people can learn to be and connect and sense themselves and be aware of themselves and have an expanded and clearer "self image."

They can begin to move and breathe and sense and think in more clear and efficient ways.

And delightful ways.

Think of the images of delight: a child laughing, young people dancing, puppies playing in the mud, kittens with each other, a butterfly lifting off, children jumping and skipping and twirling, and people hugging and spinning and skiing and swimming and skateboarding and surfing and running with ease. The world is full of delight and delight is often full of movement and to enhance movement and self knowledge and self love, this is a wonderful life, this wake up Feldenkrais life.

I hope you can increase your life and joy and delight with these ideas, or coming on around and getting some lessons. Don't be shy, don't be afraid, the changes will unbalance you yes, but it's just what the child delight seeker in you wants, to knock the old cobwebs out so you can start to be even more wonderful than you already are.


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