Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nature's Flexibility --Sweet

tiger mom

Here's a tiger/ lion mother, who was depressed. Her babies had died. Someone thought
she needed to mother, so they dressed up pigs
and let the two try a variation
on the usual reality.

The variation worked.

and our brain is very flexible.
And amazing.

Look on:
tiger mom

So without the 'story' of who she is supposed to take care of

(maybe have some refresher fun via
the Byron Katie work

the mother just did
what nature wants us to do:
took care
of those who need care.

Be it a flower, a garden, a town, a child
a piglet
it's the doing and living
and loving that
seems to count.

tiger mom

So far, so fun. Let's see what the last picture is:

tiger mom


Good year, good cheer, this is what we are like,
a sunny day behind the clouds,
a joyous generous being
behind the fear and clutching,
a natural and real human
behind the nonsense and conditioning.

Life is good. We are good.


Later note:
this story
apparently is fictional
oh well
stories are true
even if they aren't "true."
These come from a kind of special
where pigs nurse tigers
and tigers nurse pigs
and the zoo
is just a little sleazy,
myth busters, alas

And then again,
in a Thailand paper, here's
the cheery side to the "real"
(again: taking pause to realize
how much of any story
is in our mind
and our reaction to the story:
see again
our friend and way out, Byron Katie

Here's the weird and wild "true" non-sleazy bit. Though there is a sleazy side.

Although the Sriracha Tiger Zoo is off the beaten track, it is nonetheless quite a famous zoo, with one of the world’s most successful breeding programs for tigers. But breeding tigers is not its only agenda. Entertaining and fascinating shows are what really bring in the crowds of visitors to this unique zoo.

Visitors recently witnessed some bizarre feeding habits of the zoo’s most famous inhabitants. A two-year-old female pig named Benjamaj is a blended pedigree of parents, Land-Less and Las-White, that were imported from Norway. Benjamaj is a kind and maternal porky. She has taken 4 baby tigers under her care and along with 3 tiny piglets is nursing the tigers as though she were their mum. She loves those cats and they love her back.

In the wild, pigs would ordinarily be easy prey for tigers. But the Sriracha Tiger Zoo has a reputation for accomplishing the impossible, and creating successful relationships with animals of different species is right up their alley.

Oh, well:
let's think of
the story
as variations
and flexibility
of how
we think about reality
and it will work
that way,
at least

( Note: I'm back on a one a day essay/ thought/ contemplation/ posting per day,
am rotating them through,
then wakeup-feldenkrais,
then taichiyoghealthweightloss,
if that interests you.)

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