Thursday, April 14, 2011

A day late, and a dollar short

Water to heal the soul
Change of impressions to move our lives forward
My "excuse" for "missing" yesterday's blog posting

What does that mean?
"A day late" I get,
a dollar short, I guess it's a kind of poor me thing.

I'll skip that sentiment,
the poor me stuff,
and say:
rich me

a day late because I played hooky
on my birthday

a dollar short
and a smile breath soul
since I grabbed my
which is my life
and did something I haven't done since I
moved to Texas:

got out of the amazing and thrilling
town of Austin.

Yesterday was my birthday
and I was whisked away from exciting
yet noisy and polluted Austin to a state park
full of quiet and oaks and cedar and a tree I didn't know

not the ocean,
but a river,
and at places a swim in able river

my gal friend and I

ate, walked, water painted,
talked, slept, lolligaged,
paddles around in the water
and had a grand time

And what's that got to do with ABM or FM?

Well, what's it got to do with the importance of a
"day of rest" in almost every spiritual tradition?


To slow down is to find ourselves, and
going to a new place,
and giving ourselves a new pace,
and seeing things we don't ordinarily see,
and doing things we don't ordinarily do,
this is

At least according to me,
and I guess that's one function of blogs:
to spout off one's opinion.

So, this can be,
as always a model in
our going about our days.

In a daze of always doing what we always do,
how can we
take a small mini vacation
and give ourselves a
different set of impressions than
we usually have
plowing away reading stuff nonsense brilliance bile humor and
on the Internet?

the eyes
for start.
Let's take our nose in a sweet circle all around the computer screen
looking as far is we can in a circle of directions.

Then let's realize we have a bottom
and are sitting our our pelvis
and turn our head to the left
with the help of shifting to the left side of our pelvis
and pushing our right knee forward
and feeling the look to the left starting all the way in the bottom of
our spine

Several times

and then looking to the right
with a shifting to the right side of our pelvis
and bringing our left knee forward

And that's good,
our hands

could they say hi
and touch each other behind our backs
and maybe caress our kidneys as our bottoms/ pelvises
do a little hoola hoop circle on the chair below.

Don't get it right,
unless that comes easily
(and there is a "right").

Just go around with your pelvis and let your belly swing in the same direction,
have your hands touching each other behind
your back
and kind of caressing your kidneys
as you do this.

Then close your eyes and rest

Open your eyes enough to read this
imagine going the other way in your cicle
and then "do it,"
and then imagine again, and then
"do" again, back and forth,
seeing each time if you get closer to your "doing"
in your imagining

Then rest

And imagine getting up from your chair and taking
a medium
or a
long walk.

And then do it,
imagining what you will see,
and then discovering the world of the future
is all fresh and unknown

and have some fun with that

and one your walk
(without words)
about a few areas of your life you'd like to take little
breaks in
and how this
could help your over all life of now until 30 years from now

and then the final notes:
this is what i'm seeing as offering people when they come for lessons:
an amazing next 30 years


here's some more birthday pictures:

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