Saturday, April 30, 2011

A simple "weight loss" diet

At the end of yesterday's blog, I got a bit fancy
in the eating/ food thing,
and then I had the thought
that it might be more useful to people
to have a sample eating path
without all
the no this
and no that.

And what does alternative eating
have to do with this work?

Well, any experiment in the non-habitual
is a pathway to waking to ourselves.

And eating
is a mess in our society,
the bombardment with chances to eat
and this work is about escaping the planned
and programmed roles and places
in which society wish us to be confined.

well, this work is about moving toward more
optimum feeling
and moving
and "health"
in both the "Bouncing Back from Trauma" sort,
and the "Getting on with Achieving your life Dreams, vowed and unawowed."

Have good fuel in us might
help with all that.

And this, of course,
is my recommendation
for a pretty good
health gain
or weight loss eating program.

Not a "diet" in the sense of torturing,
but a treating ourselves to really fine


In the Morning:
Green Smoothies.

The simplest form
is greens, like kale, chard, dandelions, lettuce, beet tops
some fruit: bananas, frozen this or that,
even better: in season and local.

A dash of celtic or Himalayan salt.
A dash of cinnamon or ginger.

And that's it.

To give it more "umpf" and get in some morning fat
plus protein,
with the incentive that raw fat helps burn away
fat in our bodies,
and feed our brains,
we can add :
soaked pumpkin, flax or sunflower seeds
or soaked almonds.

Anyway: lots of liquid chlorophyll in the mornings care
of green smoothies.

if this gets boring, add on some cooked or raw eggs later
in the morning,
or even add some raw eggs to the smoothie.

Real eggs
= chickens out on pasture
and only eating grains that are non genetically modified.

1. Any raw meal

2. Cooked fish or meat plus salad.
Use raw stuff and a blender to make your own sauce for the fish/ meat
and salad dressing.
Use cold pressed olive or flax or coconut oil,
Add soaked seeds, garlic, or rosemary, or whatever you'd like.
Vinegar if you like that.
And so on.

3. Cooked whole grains, quinoa, millet of buckwheat.
Salad and homemade dressing.

Not grains and protein, although avocado goes with everything.

Big salad
with think smoothie/ like dressing.

Or, any raw meal that appeals to you.

Make lunch the big meal.

If tempted to binge or cheat once or twice a week,
do it at lunch, after the green smoothie morning,
and before the salad dinner.

If you want occasional steak and salad
or fish and salad dinner,
go for it.

with lunch are great.

With salad for dinner are great.

Mainly vegetable.
No dairy (later add raw dairy, especially raw keffir and raw yogurt)

All along: raw butter is fine,
if you can get it.

What about desert?
Make the morning smoothie your sweet treat.
Make the night time salad dressing thick and sweet
with honey or stevia.

Eat carrots, beets, sugar peas, apples.

What about snacks:
Hard boiled eggs if you aren't doing raw.
Just about anything if you are doing raw.

When you eat raw you can graze all day
and still lose weight
or be healthy as all get out.

Or so it seems to me.

have fun with this and hop on these three books from yesterday:
Nourishing Traditions

And for Raw eating,
this chick is 50 and hasn't been sick in 14 years,
eats raw meat, cheese and milk,
and has a lot of fun:
Raw Fifty

And these people
found at
are sweet, amazing,
and the inventors of the
extremely useful and delicious
and life changing
Green Smoothie Revolution

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