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Monday treat, Chapter 61: Easier neck, smarter brain for those who sit at computers

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As I rewrite and upgrade the book I sell as a pdf,
I keep find chapters I'd love people to experience right
away, whether or not they buy the book.

Here's chapter 61:

Sit somewhere comfortably where there is a desk or a table in front of where you are sitting. Put your forearms on the table/ desk, such that one hand is on top of the other. Then lay your head on your hands.

Practice rolling your head right and left (nose going right and left, rotating in your neck and spine) in two ways:

1. Your forehead rubs along your hands, so that as your head rotates, the spot on your hand stays roughly the same. Do this a number of times.

2. Your head actually rolls right and left, as your nose rotates. So as your nose goes left, the part of your head touching your hand rolls toward the right on your hands. As your head turns, you touch a new spot on the hands at each part of the moving. Your head shift a bit to the right. Sense this moving point of contact, a, from the point of view of the backs on the hands, and b, from the point of view of your head feeling where it is touching/ pressing against the tops of your hands.

Of course, coming back, your nose goes right and head travels to the left.

Do this “many times” (eight to thirty), slowly and easily.


Now switch which hand is on top and do this movement the second way, where your head rolls along the hands, again “many times,” and as you do it, shift easily your focus:
What’s happening in your neck?
What’s happening in your ribs?
Where is your nose pointed?
Can you feel a tendency to shift in your pelvis?
What are you eyes doing, or do they want to do?
Do you have a breathing pattern with this?


Now do the head rolling way, again shifting top hand, where you deliberately:

1. Shift your weight side to side on your pelvis and thrust out your ribs a bit on the side to which your head is rolling (which is opposite the way your nose is pointing. Keep sensing the point of contact between your head and hands).

2. Let your eyes swing like a pendulum actually looking farther to the left and right than your nose is.

Go slowly. Gently. “Many times.”


Now, the final variation. Roll your head this moving along your hands way. (Put the other hand on top). And move your eyes in the opposite direction that your nose is moving.

If you really want to pay attention, notice that your eyes and pointing the way that the pelvis is shifting.
Go slowly. Follow your breathing.
Enjoy learning this and picking up more clarity about yourself and being present.

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