Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sex and Migraines

Once somewhere
I read in a newspaper of some research that found
and or sex
as healing of headaches
or migraines

The obvious could be
getting the system back into pleasure

Another possibility
is the mobilizing of the spine
(many people, those who study real bodies in motion,
recommend pelvic action with masturbation
rather than just "doing it" to yourself)

and the consequential freeing of the spine down
way down
below the neck
and opening the diaphragm
and the
whole coming into life
that tends to be blocked off in migraine

in a weird and wonderful way
this is akin to the "problem" in Cerebral Palsy
not being the spastic/ unusable arms and legs,
but that very immobility keeping the body/ brain
from trying out all the random possibilities that
results in rolling over, crawling, and so on

move the attention to pleasure

move the spine/ self into fullness

move the pelvis into action

mobilize the big muscles in the big places
to give a break to the overworking smaller muscles
in the head

there is more
i'm sure

way more

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