Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Extra for Tuesday, chapter 76 from the book

Chapter 75 was thinking about the difference between

what is Reality, and what I want from Reality,
and can there be healthy, non-grasping "wanting."

Here's chapter 76:
Who am I?

If we aren’t the wanting, wanting, “having to have it” thing, if we “do” but aren’t that activity that seems obsessed with filling and getting, who are we?

If we aren’t some image that wants to be filled and fortified and propped up, who are we?

Without our story, who are we?

If we go very quiet, quieter than any words to explain or say it, and get some experience of “ourselves,” what is it that we are experiencing?

Who are we?

A good fine immense question: Who am I?

And can the answer ever be in words?

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