Thursday, May 19, 2011

Migraine as specific pain, an a game for moving attention in migraine land

Migraines are a great case of
yesterday's suggestion
to sharpen the
between where is the pain
and where is pain free,
since people actually have an incentive to do
even weird stuff,
to get out of their particular hell

here goes:

Sense the pain,
get the exact shape,
exact size,
where it is in the head

sense the entire self
and place the precisely sensed migraine shape within the
bigger self

ie. realize that the pain is there,
but lots of place it is not

hone in on the boundary
where does the pain stop

Breathe and notice your breathing

Split the headache in two
down the middle,
and on the in breathe visualize the left side
of the headache as whatever color is pleasant and soothing,
but have this color exactly in the counters of the headache,
not everywhere on the left side

on the outbreath
visualize the right side of the headache another pleasant color

go back and forth with this

a few times,
on some research that sexual stimulation has
an ameliorating effect on severe headaches
added in a pelvic clock

I haven't before,
but from my tai chi experiment I might
ask for sensing the opposite foot of the side of headache being sensed
and visualized in color and adding either that color,
or a third and fourth to the opposing feet
as the meditation continues

there are also psychological possibilities,
like whose head DO you want to bonk,
but usually the humor and objectivity to go there
is absent

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